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    HI, Iím new to this sort of thing after my ex-girlfriend wore them at nights for a small bladder. Which I didnít know what to think at first but grew on them and thought they turned out having a lot of fun with her. Well it turned out to really enjoying them when she wore them. I donít know really what else to say ive worn them a couple of times while dating her. But things never got to serious and turned out just stayin friends.

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    Hey ch300! Welcome to ADISC! ^^

    That's a great back-story. It's really cool that you both were able to share that with each other. My wife isn't into my ABism much, though we have role-played a few times. I am glad that both of you are still friends.

    Care to share anything else, maybe favorite hobbies or bands? We talk about every topic you can imagine, including thousands outside of the ABDL realm. Anything that would help us to get to know ch300 better would be appreciated. ^_^

    I hope you enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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    Hi ch300!

    Wow, thats a interesting way to get into *BDL stuff!

    Welcome to ADISC, look around, chill, make yourself at home,

    Just curious, what's your favorite diaper so far?


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