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Thread: Should I take the comic (Manga)position (read description)

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    Post Should I take the comic (Manga)position (read description)

    So long story short. I've been offered a position to to do a weekly series.
    let me explain...

    I had entered my manga into a competition (hosted by weekly shonen jump) and lost. it only made its way to near the final selection, but didnt pass. but apparently an editor loved it so much they want to rewrite and try it out as a oneshot before the submission meeting. Im going nuts over here cause i kinda wanna do it, but at the same time, If i do get serialized, i dont wanna be a ''jack of all trades and a master of none''

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    I'm going to jump in and say you should do it! If you are just beginning as a writer/artist, this would be a great opportunity to gain experience in the industry, and get a chance to continue developing your skills as well, right? If the project takes off and becomes wildly successful, you have the basis of a good career set, and you will be able to use that success to help launch new stories and ideas in the future. If it's not as long lasting, you still have gained experience, and added to your portfolio. You will have time to become a specialist if that's what you desire, but the general experience makes for a good foundation to build on.

    Good luck, whatever you decide!

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