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Thread: N64!

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    Red face N64!

    Okay, so when I was little the first game I ever beat on the N64 Platform was Diddykong Racing. Man, oh man, did I ever own that game.

    And so; as I walked into Ebgames (Gamestop), I walked over to the used discount bin... And found Diddykong racing for 7 bucks!

    Needless to say, I bought it. And it seems suddenly harder~. Maybe I just don't have the same skills I had when I was 5 and 6.

    What's your favorite games?

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    My cousin is BOSS at diddykong. We got to 44 thanks to him, we couldn't beat any of the bosses till he came around. Great game, but I prefer goldeneye.

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    Zelda, OT and MM. Followed close by Goldeneye and DK64. I'd throw Mariokart on the list, but it's only fun when you do multiplayer and no one ever visits me D:

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    2. mario akrt 64
    3. LoZ:OoT
    4. Mario 64
    5. rouge squadron
    6.Perfect Dark (graphics looked far worse then goldeneye, also the UI was ugh. Same with the plot/singleplayer/co-op. It was over all a very clunky game.)

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    1. Goldeneye(First game I ever played on the 64)
    2. A Link to the Past(I know it isn't an N64 game, but it was the first game I ever beat, back when my SNES was actually working... I miss my years as a 9 year old)
    3. LoZ: OoT (Can't leave this off the list, it revolutionized gaming as we know it.)
    4. LoZ: MM (Its creepiness and darkness appealed to me as a 9 year old)
    5. Mario 64(Great game, great graphics for the time, and really was overall another revolutionary game)

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    All the games people have mentioned are awesome (excluding diddykong as I have never played)
    I also love Pokemon Snap. It was just so simple, yet had a lot of elements to it. Very interesting game!

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    Oh man, it has to be goldeneye, followed by mario kart 64. I would also say a key contender would have to be blast corps; that game is amazing

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    I loved N64!!!
    I had:
    Super Mario 64
    Diddy Kong Racing
    World Cup 98
    Pokemon Stadium
    I think I had more but I loved the N64 and still have it

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    Goldeneye, obviously; followed by Jet Force Gemini, Mario 64, Battletanx, and whoever said Blast Corps and Rouge Squadron were true N64 players XD

    Edit for Quest 64! How could I forget?

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    My favorite games ever, some not from 64

    1: OoT
    2: Goldeneye
    3: Animal Crossing
    4: Metroid Prime
    5: Luigi's Mansion

    I was a Gamecube kid. I sure wish that Ninty could go back to the good old days, when everything wasn't motion controlled.

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