As Fantasticmax2 notes in another thread a lot of the on-line cloth diaper suppliers seem to carry the same products. Indeed The AdultClothDiaper.Com actually charges to All Together Diaper Company, so these seem to be seperate portals to the same company. I've bought from adult cloth diaper for years and I'm reasonably satisfied by them, but I've never bought directly from alltogether.

Fetishware Fetware Products seems to carry the same cloth diapers (alas), but I just got some onesies that I ordered from them because I was disappointed with the quality of the ones that I got from adult cloth diaper (snaps tore out, so I had to replace them with buttons). I can't say for sure yet, but they seem to be of _much_ better construction.

So the take home message is that while there seems to be a much smaller choice than the URLs would lead one to believe, they aren't all the same.

Now if I can just find a source of gauze prefolds that don't have a terry-cloth lining sewn in. (feh.)

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