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Thread: Dark or Light?

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    Default Dark or Light?

    Which do you prefer to spend your time in, the dark or the light? Or are you somewhere in between? And is there a specific reason you like it?

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    Dark, unless I'm actually trying to do something that requires light. But other than that, I never even touch my light switch.

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    Not quite sure why, some might say it matches my personality but I like the dark.

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    I generally like the light. It's easier to see in, more cheery, and makes the room just look better. Of course, the dark is good too if my mood is right.

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    I would say that I prefer dusk. However, I had to answer dark only because I hate the light so much.

    The sun depresses me.

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    I am very afraid of pitchblack but I love the darkness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    I am very afraid of pitchblack but I love the darkness.

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    It really depends on my mood, to be completely honest. But for the most part, I prefer being in the light.

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    i quite like it to be bright enough to see but not too bright, my bedroom light goes though a rosco cinegel 3029 (silent frost), a rosco cinelux 62 (booster blue) and gets corrected with a cal colour 4215 15 blue , it gives lovely soft lighting with great blue hint that isnt too bright

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