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Thread: Anyone ever worn a sleeper under their clothes?

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    Default Anyone ever worn a sleeper under their clothes?

    Just like the title says. Anyone done it? I think it could be comfortable for out and about in colder weather, properly concealed. The pajama feet and the (lack of a) waistline are the most important, I would think. Same general principle as a diaper, really.
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    i did once to school cuz it was chilly, and then in NYC one time for the same reason. it felt good XD

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    Was it noticeable? I'm thinking of wearing to class w/ zipper boots and a long shirt.

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    nah, it was fine. i wore it with SKINNY JEANS over it and a longsleeve and nobody noticed, you should be fine. just hope it doesnt suddenly get really sunny and hot the day you decide to do it

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    Should be a rush. Lookig foreward to it if I get the oppertunity.

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    be sure to post about it, its fun and its a very comfy way to get through school XD

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    OMG. I would overheat. Plus it would be quite bulky and uncomfortable. I will save my sleepers for lounging around the house and sleeping.

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    Meh I haven't worn a sleeper under my clothe....
    I've worn them to Pajama days at my high school....
    Lol its not really that weird to see some kids in them.... True I was the only boy wearing a pair but hey they were warm
    I got to slide on the schools floors and plus easiest PE change EVER!!!

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    I do it all the time :3 I sometimes just put a T-shirt on top of the sleeper, and roll the sleeves up. It's funny because people in my school frequently ask: "Is that a zipper?" Then after I tell them it's a sleeper, they get all jealous :3

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    babyDavid, did yours have feet? What shoes did you wear with it? Could one pull it off with loafers or tennis shoes, or would the feet poking out give it away?

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