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Thread: Wow look at me im really cool and trying to stick out from the crowd.

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    Default Wow look at me im really cool and trying to stick out from the crowd.

    Don't really know where to start.
    Lets start basic.
    I'm living in England and have been for a little more than 16 years but was born in the US of A in the state Indiana, I lived there till I was 18 months old. I'm currently still in education doing a course in IT. Right now I'm liking code based web design and 'computer systems' which is basically hardware. I think that going into hardware development would be my ideal job but I'm kinda wondering how I'm going to get there.

    This whole DL thing is... at odds with the rest of who I'd say I am, so being here and saying anything to any even vaguely animate object of any description is a rather big thing. I've never told anyone about this even when my parents found 'hints', multiple times, so I'm not really sure if they have a good idea or not about whats going on.

    I'm the kind of guy who doesn't really let things bother him but doesn't let the world pass him by. I'm very light hearted and I'll do most anything if its not too 'yobbish' or too extreme. I enjoy the odd trip down the pub and playing video games with my vastly preferred genre being RPGs then (survival) horror.

    Not sure what else to put here so I'll end it now.
    Hope to be talking about some such stuff with y'all soon.

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    Sorry about the kinda obnoxious title. I was a little nervous. I'd really appreciate a reply, to get some sort of bearing.
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    Hey, Noodlez. You are certainly not alone in the department about being worried about parents, and I think that you'll find a lot of people whose personalities would not scream Diaper Lover. Why dont' you tell us about you're hobbies. What do you do for fun? Play any sports? What of music do you like?

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    Howdy, Noodlez, and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    Good luck on your studies. I'm a hardware engineer; let me know if I can help you.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    In my spare time I'm usually playing video games, going on forums or watching YouTube subscriptions. I'm not what you'd exactly call the most active person in the world but I try to get out when I can. Since most of my mates live so far It can be difficult. As for music I'm either listening to harsh rap, light drum n' bass or pretty much any kind of rock n' roll. Those are my prefured genre but I'd have to say rap 'speaks' to me the most. I know its not the cutest cuddliest genre but i find the more niche stuff just has more feeling to it. To highlight my vairaty I'll tell you my compilation I'm lisening to now:
    1.Rapter (avicii)
    2.Breakn' a sweat (Skrillex)
    3.Hold On (Skepta)
    4.Dance with me tonight (Olly Murs)
    5. Some random rap artist I found in a local city selling music. Songs called: Coldest days
    6.Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters)

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    What kind of engineer are you?

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    I'm not sure you can claim your truly British without the trips to the pub .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodlez View Post
    What kind of engineer are you?
    My background is in digital hardware design and embedded systems. We need more hardware/firmware engineers--there are too many software guys!

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    Well title aside that was a hell of an introduction. Since people already asked about the job plans and musical interests I have to ask, what games have you been playing lately?
    Please say some thing that's not minecraft.

    EDIT: not that there's anything wrong with minecraft.

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    Tis a British Older Techier(well debatable lol) version of me :O
    Welcome Noodlez to ADISC
    A Great Support Forum for teens and adults alike!!

    Here youll meet many different characters like me *peace sign* and many others......
    If you would like to be sociable with the community I recommend checking out the IRC cause ive definitely have made good friends there
    and hey they help you in your time of need.

    Once again Welcome and I hope your stay is a bloody great one at that *salutes*

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    Oh...I kind of assumed Noodlez was mistake.

    Welcome to ADISC! Make yourself at home, we don't bite...well...most of us :P.

    Enjoy your stay :3.

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