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    Many times I layer tight levi's over the diaper to silence the diaper noise when going out. Sometimes the plastic pants and diapers are just loud and seem to broadcast me. Do you think anyone is listening? If you are around family and keep your diaper wearing a secret then you must be concerned. In school or work does it really matter?

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    I'm usually concerned about noise. But I doubt that many people are actually listening for that sound. And if they do hear it, I think it might confused them. They wouldn't really know what the sound is, and why it's coming from you.

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    Don't forget that air is actually quite a poor conductor of sound. A quick way to prove this to yourself is to diaper up, add some plastic pants for extra rustle, and then set your computer to record the sound whilst you walk around your room (assuming your computer has a microphone). When you play the recording back you'll probably be able to hear your footsteps, or the floor creaking, but you'll almost certainly not here your padding.

    Also, in the unlikely event that someone does here you, they'll probably not equate 'rustly sounds' with 'diaper' based on just the sound alone.

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    Get a crinkley plastic bag, stick it in your pocket, and if anyone notices you can whip it out (the bag, I mean!) and say "Oh -- I wondered what that was" as you very noisily scrunch it back into a ball, giving you time to complete your crinkley manoeuvres across the room, until you are "in position" and can maintain your covertly padded status...

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    I'm always worried about the crinkley sound, to me it sounds like my diaper is plunged into and amplifier but with my hearing I pick up low noise/low tone like a dog, like when you put your laptop/computer into sleep mood and it has that blinking light, i can hear that light from across my room drives me bonkers at night when i'm trying to sleep HAHA

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    Im gonna go the opposite of everyone else and say that i love hearing the crinkle sound when i walk. For me, half of the fun is knowing that someone could hear me walking down a quiet aisle of a store!

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