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Thread: Old Goodnites still in production?

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    Default Old Goodnites still in production?

    Yesterday, after my daily round of grocery-getting, I bought a pack of Size 7s (which are still awesome, btw.), but I noticed something just down the aisle...

    Food-4-Less has some generic Goodnites. However, I decided to buy a pack of those as well, and strangely, they are almost EXACTLY like the goodnites of years past, complete with the plain white outer cover.

    Not sure if this is new, but just wanted to put it out there.


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    Did the store brand generic Goodnites you found go up to 85 or 125 pounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryper94 View Post
    Did the store brand generic Goodnites you found go up to 85 or 125 pounds?
    Sorry for necro post. They were the L/XL ones, which were 125+lbs I presume.

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    I can confirm they sell the all white goodnites in the green and purple packages in Asia :-D. I have a pack and they are pretty cool!

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    I would imagine that all-white goodnites are still sold here in the US as either off-label brands or in semi-remote areas where demand is so low that new stock may not have been ordered for quite some time (it still does happen, I've seen it with other unrelated products).

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