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Thread: On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a sissy are you?

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    Question On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a sissy are you?

    Yes, I authored a very similar poll about one year ago. However, time has passed, demographics have changed, and sissies have their own forum now, so I think this is appropriate.

    The question, of course, is simple enough: How much of a sissy/LG do you think you are? This scale, as you may have guessed, means that 0 is not at all (why are you reading this?), 5 is somewhere in the middle, and 10 is... Hardcore.

    Myself, I'm somewhere about a 2. I consider myself to be something of a manly-man, alpha-male type outwardly and in day-to-day life... but, of course, I have my moments. How about you?

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    Depends I suppose, I would say maybe between 3 and 4 ;P
    Of course, I've been wrangling more and more with the idea, so I'm not sure if that will change.

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    considering I have 5-6 bras, cup enhancers, 100+ panties to choose from an wear a pair everyday, I am never going back to men's underwear ever. I have abd wear stockings and garter belts, skirts and dresses all in the sissy fashion in some way, ruffles, satin, tricott, string, lacy, a gaff etc. I would say an 8 as I don't cross in public, though I do wear panties at all times when not diapered, bathing etc.

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    other than work i always dress little girl / female. / sissy. mostly little girl. i love wearihg frilly silky lacy things. live an hour away from work about 60 miles far enough that no one from work knows. or cares.
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    I'm maybe a 4. I enjoy it a few times a year, but it isn't part of my identity. It's occasional humiliation play.

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    I am around a 5 or 6.

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    I chose 6. I identify as a little girl totally, but sometimes I'm a tomboy, and other times it really is about being pretty and dressed up and told I'm a cuuuute little girl. So based on that I decided I was about a 6, in that I like being pretty a lot, but being boy-ish can be fun too.

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    Maybe a 2? I certainly don't identify as a sissy, but I do like play that revolves around embarrassment, so that's where sissification could come in.

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    I said 5. Normally I just wear diapers, but I also like panties, tights, and cute dresses. I have a girly side that gets out sometimes

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