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Thread: Hi, I'm Jwdl

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    Default Hi, I'm Jwdl

    I live in Wilmington and attend UNCW as a freshman. If you are an ab/dl in wilmington hit me up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwdl View Post
    If you are an ab/dl in wilmington hit me up!
    First of all, welcome to ADISC!

    Now, on a not so welcoming note, but a very important one: we aren't a meet-up site, so if you want to use the site to find people, then I'd suggest that you try somewhere else. We do have meets every so often; these are usually, social, non-diaper events (you can wear under clothes if you wish, just not visibly), for over 18's.

    Back to welcoming! Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? Diapers and otherwise. Hobbies? Taste in music? Sports? Et cetera.

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    Hi Jwdl!

    Welcome to ADISC! We have lots of members here from NC!

    I am sure you'll make chill friends from all over the planet!


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