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Thread: Ok. Who gave my MSN out?

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    Default Ok. Who gave my MSN out?

    [email protected]: hii
    Techno Shaman: uhm hello
    [email protected]: :$
    [email protected]: do u hav a fetish?
    Techno Shaman: uhhhhh
    Techno Shaman: who is this?
    [email protected]: nossi
    Techno Shaman: that tells me....nothing.
    [email protected]: im lookin 4 ppl who share my fetsih
    [email protected]: im sorry
    [email protected]: if u dnt wanna tlk dw
    Techno Shaman: how did you get my MSN?
    [email protected]: sum1 gave it 2 me
    [email protected]: they told me u hav a diaper fetish jus like me
    [email protected]: :$
    Techno Shaman: did they say where they found me?
    [email protected]: nope
    Techno Shaman: hm
    [email protected]: im sorry
    Techno Shaman: Who was it? I need a name.
    [email protected]: ill go now
    Techno Shaman: no it's ok
    Techno Shaman: I just want to make sure random people aren't handing out my screen name.
    [email protected]: ok
    [email protected]: ill chek my convo hist.
    Techno Shaman: k
    [email protected]: coz i myt hav spelt th addy rong
    [email protected]: nd added u insted of sum1 else
    [email protected]: yer
    [email protected]: i pust @hotmail insted of live
    [email protected]: ok
    [email protected]: soo
    [email protected]: cya
    Techno Shaman: well, I do have one.
    [email protected]: okay
    [email protected]: ohh
    Techno Shaman: I just want to know who told you my MSN. it's important that I know.
    [email protected]: i kno wat id did now
    [email protected]: i put
    [email protected]: wellermike
    [email protected]: insetd of yellermike
    Techno Shaman: oh
    [email protected]: yer
    [email protected]: sory
    Techno Shaman: it's ok.
    [email protected]: will u plz not giv my msn? i wont if u dnt
    [email protected]: unless u kno sum diaper lovers
    Techno Shaman: I know plenty. Go to and register. plenty of them there.
    [email protected]: ok
    [email protected]: r u a diaper lover?
    Techno Shaman: yes
    [email protected]: kool
    [email protected]: do ur rents kno?
    Techno Shaman: no
    [email protected]: ok
    [email protected]: how do u get diapers?
    Techno Shaman: I buy them
    Techno Shaman: at a store :p
    [email protected]: kool
    [email protected]: do u wer them how much?
    [email protected]: like 24?7
    Techno Shaman: Just at night, really.
    [email protected]: do u pee & poo or jus pee
    Techno Shaman: just pee.
    [email protected]: oh yer
    [email protected]: do u liek 2 wet ur pants
    Techno Shaman: no
    Techno Shaman: and you're kinda scaring me a bit with these questions you know. Usually one person asks a bit more about someone else before diving right into stuff like this
    Techno Shaman: and with that, blocked.

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    Tsk tsk, to whoever did.

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    I'm getting a few random people adding me lately. Not just my *b account either.

    I just simply block them once I see the Allow and deny box. Especially if I'm not suspecting anyone or not been notified.

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    Neither my normal or my 'special' account really get many random people, then again I don't have many contacts on either of them, and I trust the people - so I'm not exactly going to get much leaking of my details.

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    I don't really get random people...But it seems like it was someone on this site just being weird or something

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    I do not have a *b account, it is just my regular email.

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    I have a whole bunch of mexicans adding my regular account. I always have a million freaks adding my ab accounts, but mine are public so it's only to be expected.

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    Wow people are very.....evil these days. Most people should know not to give out emails but in this case i swear online stuff is the easy way to mess with others. I realy hate that tho.

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