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Thread: Depends protection with tapes question

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    Are the depends protection with tapes the same as the depends maximum protection? The "with tapes" type only comes in small/medium and the max protection only comes in large /XL in my Walgreens.

    Is the back portion the portion with the tapes? They are not labeled and look similar.

    Can one pull off wearing these in public? They are so comfortable compared to the relatively tight goodnites I've been wearing to class. How does one pull it off? A tucked in shirt? Underwear over them to silence the crinkling?


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    Not positive if they are the same or not, Depend seems to change what they call them all the time, but last I knew they were only making one type with tapes, Max Protection, Overnight, or whatever the latest catch phrase was. Yes, the tapes go in the back, and they are thin enough they are easy to hide in public. A pair of boxer briefs over them and a tucked in under shirt should make them undetectable under jeans as long as they are not super tight.

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    Hello Foot. Well the diaper is still the same but its just a new name.. I have used thes diapers alot before i started buying online now.
    As for keeping them quite well wearing under wear over the diaper an tucking the shirt pretty much stop them from making the crinkling sound. Yes one can pull it off wearing it un public b.c they dont even really show when over pants like jeans or anything i wear 24/7 when i used thes no one even seen i had one on b.c they really dont bulk up at all when wet to much.
    So all you really gotta do is wear something over the diaper an no one will even know you have one on unless they grab your butt or something then they might know.. other then that just pad up an tuck your shirt in an wear underwear of some kind an you will be fine wearing the depends... just dont go past more then i say 2 full wettings bc they are knowen to leak really bad.. but if you wearing to just wear... well have fun an injoy it no one will know..

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    haha thanks all. I'm stgill a bit worried abuot the loud crinkling when I wear in my dorm, but I doubt that logically anyone will be listening closely enought to notice or care. It seems everyone has something they do behind closed doors in any case. I have more than suspiscions about some of my classmates. I might wear to the movies tonight.


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    Foot.... heh its really all with b.c your wearing an everything an you are listening for the sound so you would hear the sound of a diaper trust me i know about that.. i have always before my self b.c i know i am wearing one an everything an then its all me b.c i know i wearing one an listening for the sound of the diaper we like the sound of the diaper an all but no not everyone can hear it if someone is hearing then maybe them selfs wear diapers an know what it is,,,
    But just go on about your day an everything no one will hear it an look for it. thats why we have this site to ask for help an everything. on how to cover up things an keep it from people.
    I no longer hide it b.c its who i am I mean i dont just walk out into public with a diaper on as much as i would like to but some things should just not be done. that what makes us who we are an everyone is special in there own way...
    But you will be ok. now the movies around where i live you are allowed to drink it if i dont have my best diaper on well things wont go well. so i make sure i am well padded with the best diaper out there when going to the movies an everything so i dont have to get up an goto the bathroom all the time.....

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    The underwear trick worked. With a baggy shirt, noone noticed. I even stopped to talk with a friend for a while and she never noticed. Granted it was dark and I had a coat on, but still, confidence boosting. Also, most comfortable viewing of MI Ghost Protocol ever! I wore under reegular-fit jeans and it didn't bulge too much. It did bulge a little. Does anyone really notice this or is it just beause I know I'm padded?

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