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    How much time do you think you spend on one diaper change? Does each diaper change take the same amount of time? My nite time diaper takes a bit longer with extra boosters and diaper rash extra protection. How much time do you spend a day changing your diaper?

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    A wet diaper change I can do in 3-4 minutes. A messy diaper change usually takes me 10-12 minutes...

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    I have never timed it but I can certainly match the 3 to 4 minute for a easy change and a 10 minutes for a messy one. But I rather have a good fit from the first time than fiddling afterwards to get things straight, with a good probability to damage the diaper. Nobody is chasing me after all.

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    Anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on where I'm changing, what state the diaper is in and what supplies I have available. For example, I put fresh barrier cream on at home, but not in public because it's too much hassle.

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    Wet about 3-5 minutes, Messy about 10-15 minutes. Though at the currant time i'm not using any cream (waiting on an order) so i'm sure you can add another 5 minutes on to that time in the future.

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    Mmm... If I'm changing my diaper during the night i usually takes a good 20 minutes...
    Normally it takes 5 minutes or less, if I mess usually 10...
    By night, instead, I have to make it slower, because otherwise I make too much noise (the diaper crinkles XD)... And I don't want my mother nor my neighbors (I live in an apartment) to know what I'm doing...!
    .... Ok, I'm paranoid.... But, just to make an example, during the morning I hear when the kid that lives above me is getting changed from his night diaper...! So, just to avoid a situation where the two "roles" are inverted (HE hears ME), is better to take a few more precautions

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