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Thread: Not sure what diaper, Tena or Lille?

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    Default Not sure what diaper, Tena or Lille?

    Hi, first post here (aside from greetings). I am going to be buying some diapers in the next few days and the options that are looking good are Tena Slip Maxi's and Lille Supreme Fit Extra Plus's. I've heard good things about the Tena's but the Lille's also look quite good, I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with both/either of these and would be able to comment?
    Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated ^_^

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    Both are good I'm wearing a Lille Diaper style prob. slip maxi nice and thick more so than Tena

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    Hi Felix,
    I don't know the brand Lille but I have good experiences with the Tena Slip product line.
    My favorites are the Plus for during office work (silent and discrete). The Super is for at home (crinckely, mmm).
    And in case of emergency I also have a bag of Maxi's in reach.
    All the best and have fun.

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    Lilles used to be my regular, until they changed them to the 'cloth-like' junk and i've not bought any since. the new ones pong when wet and the fluid will also seep/wick from the pad and into the outer 'cloth-like' layer.
    i now buy the Tenaslip Maxi, as a choice.

    i know there's usually a significant price difference between the two brands, along with some availability issues, and it's probably these that should determine your choice, rather than which may be 'best' as they are totally different diapers, in terms of form and function, and both could be tried for experience, if nowt else.

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    Thanks for the wonderful responses, it looks like I'll be going with the Tena's, both are available to me and the price isn't really a big deal. They were my first choice but I wanted to see whether some of the other brands available to me were any good.

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    So I tried the Tena Slip Maxi's and I quite like them but I think I got a size too large, not really sure. I got mediums and they're too loose taped to the first landing zone and far too tight attempting the second landing zone, Ive managed to put them on fairly well with the lower strip at the first and the upper strip at the second, but I'm pretty sure that's not right. My waist size is ~90-95cm which is right at the upper end of the small size though, so I'm not really sure.

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    You won't fit into the smalls. They are tiny. Your waist measurements definitely suggest medium are best. Maybe you should just keep practising taping positions until you get it perfect.

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