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    So, I wear Goodnites if I wear anything. Many people claim they don't hold a lot, but I generally wet two or three times before changing and it's no big deal.

    Since most people here seem to think Goodnites leak horribly, am I having really good luck, or do I probably have a small bladder?


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    Goodnites/drynites actually hold up fairly well provided you wet them slowly, in bursts.
    They are terrible when flooding! The sap cant keep up.

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    It depends on how much you wet and the rate you do it. For me, I normally leaks after 2 wettings.

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    Multiple wettings is an essential criteria for selection of a diaper for me. A good diaper change takes a lot of time to do it right.

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    More than likely you have a small bladder.

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    I too can get by on wetting a diaper 5-6 times, because my entire life (diapered or not) my bladder has wanted to empty early and often. In most cases its a mix of a small bladder and not emptying your bladder completely. So with the amount I urinate in those 5-6 times may be two regular pees compared to other people.

    When it comes to wearing diapers, your situation is the better one. If you pee in small amounts, that really relinquishes the danger of leaks. Also, the fact that you pee in small amounts, which would also mean you pee often, makes wearing a diaper extremely convenient and somewhat necessary!

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    I layer up so that i can wet longer. I usually start with a disposable diaper underwear. They come in boy and girl colors now. Then a cloth diaper, then a full brief disposable, and plastic pants over the whole thing. I love the bulky feel it gives me. And love it when I'm so wet that I'm squishy. I even drink lots of fluids so that i have to go often. It will usually last all day and I don't have to worry about embarrasing wetness if I'm in public.

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    Little known fact: If you position yourself correctly and use a goodnite properly, it can hold a decent amount.

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