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Thread: Diapers and T-Shirt

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    Default Diapers and T-Shirt

    My favorite combo is just wearing a diaper and a T-shirt around the house. What is your favorite outfit?
    For me it's D's and T's and i can't forget the plastic pants.

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    Not sure if this has been talked about before, but that's my 2nd favorite outfit. My first one is a sleeper with a nice thick diaper underneath

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    Dont think there is any other combo then that

    I think the next best would be a skirt and diapers but only girls can really enjoy that

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    My favorite is diaper, pink rubber snapon pants and my favorite nightie.

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    Diaper and hoodie !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warly View Post
    Diaper and hoodie !
    Oh my god, yes!

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    I sleep in a onesie (bodysuit) and Attends diaper. I don't really wear all day, but sometimes I do go eat breakfast in them before changing.

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    I always do the diaper/shirt thing but my mom always yells when she sees im not wearing pants lol

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    Second favorite combo for me as well, my very very favorite one, (ever since I spent an afternoon wearing it with my mate being awesome to me), is my pj's and a dpr :3

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    My outfits, in order of most to least favorite:
    1. Diaper, pajama pants, tshirt
    2. Diaper and a tshirt
    3. Diaper, sweatpants, tshirt
    4. Just a diaper when I'm in my room alone and the temptature permits

    I really want to try a onesie out but can't afford one right now...
    As for wearing pjs and diapers, I have an interesting story. My grandmother always made blankets for us (my brothers and cousins) when we were born. She recently found the same print mine was done in (albeit a different backgroud color) and made a pair of pants for me!! They are now my official diaper wearing pants. For the curious, here's a photo:
    Click image for larger version. 

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