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Thread: My Legos! =D

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    Default My Legos! =D

    Man, I used to love legos when I was a kid. Today, since it's dark out and no one's really home or online... I busted them out from under my bed and took at stab at 'em. Man, it's been years, but I still got it! haha. In a single hour and a half, I got this far. And you can bet your ass this thing is going to be huge when it's finished.

    (total piece count = at least 50,000,000. Weight inside of white garbage bag= nearly 10lbs!)

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    Haha, that's awesome. That looks pretty sweet. Lego is amazing, the best toy-ish thing ever. I have an amazingly massive collection too. Maybe this will inspire me to break it out for the first time in a long time.

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    I have a big Rubbermaid container with my Legos, along with some other containers strewn about...I haven't busted out the huge container in a long time though, and I usually just make ships with the limited amount of pieces from one of my smaller boxes...

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    dude you make me want to try to go bigger.

    And you can bet your ass this thing is going to be huge when it's finished.

    Bigger is always better -- although, my strategy is always to build the bottom first, and take the longest time getting it super-sturdy. (notice how it's sitting on the edges of the chair without sagging, etc =D)

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    Cool. My lego has been banished to the attic, and is currently unobtainable. I'm gonna see if I can get it down one day though. I had loads.

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    I used to be a "Legomaniac" back in the day, I think lego still freakin sends me their catologs even though I havent played with them for like 6 years, but occasianally when I am bored I will bust my rather crappy collection out and make some sort of violent gun truck exploder boom boom ship thing?

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    My mom sold all of my legos at a garage sale, . I used to collect all of the Star Wars Legos.

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    That's awesome!!!!

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    Man that sucks, garnetandblack2107... your mom made a foolish mistake...

    NEVER sell lego at a garage sale!!! (unless it's one I'm attending :P). It is worth much more than you will ever get for it and you will regret it soon after! I'm glad my parents kept like 90% of mine

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