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Thread: Plastic Pants: Snap vs Pull On

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    Default Plastic Pants: Snap vs Pull On

    I recently got a pair of plastic pants to wear with my cloth backed Assurance diapers. They were the snap type rather than the pull up type, and much to my dismay I found that the snaps do not stay fastened, and they tended to leak from the gaps on the side. Do the pull on type work any better?

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    I have good luck with the pull up style plastic pants. There are times that they will also leak.

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    I've had good luck with pull on style plastic pants. I even wore them to bed after the side seams had just about completely come apart with out leaks. Although I was careful to not wet while lying on my side. The trick to staying dry with cloth and plastic pants is to (1) figure out how much cloth diaper you need and (2) completely cover your diaper with your pants. If you don't, the pee will wick out in to your bedding at exposed cloth areas.

    I suspect your leaking problems have to do with the snaps coming undone rather than the snap style themselves. Also, as I've learned from experience, it helps if your pants are a bit large. I wear a large size even though a medium adequately covers my diaper.

    Any way you cut plastic pants and cloth diapers are awesome!

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    The snap-on pants are often called "diaper covers" because that's what they're meant for--covering a cloth diaper (not a cloth-backed disposable) so that the wetness isn't transferred to clothing. They're really not meant for added protection when worn over a disposable diaper, as once wetness has escaped a disposable, it has no way to get back in. The regular all-plastic/vinyl pull-on pants will be a little better, if only because there are fewer ways for stuff to leak out. However, for your purposes, you'll be better off with a cloth-lined pant. Babykins sells a couple of terry-lined pants, and I'm sure other places do also. With a lined pant, not only will you have fewer places for leaks to happen, you'll have a little absorbency too. That way, wetness that makes it into the pants isn't just sloshing around and looking for a way out.

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    The snaps are great when you need to change without taking your pants off. The pull up style is the one to prevent leaks and they work great.

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    I use the pull-on style and have only had leaks on occasions. I think it's because the very kind lady who sewed them missed a spot when putting together the plastic bit. (Sorry. I am very uneducated when it comes to sewing and such. :P) However, it's only a minor issue and for as cute as they are, I can live with it.

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    Well first thing also is using a cheap generic disposable diaper with it. Those assurance brand diapers might hold 2-3 cups of liquid. That's like a pint and a half of milk. If you flood in them they'll never hold. Any plastic pants you use won't hold a flood with those diapers (depending on your void). Get some better disposables, or go with cloth. Your problem won't be fixed with plastic pants.

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    Pull-on plastic pants have less tendency to leak, but snap-ons are more breathable, which is nice in Summer. I think either will work fine during the day. My experience as a bedwetter using cloth diapers at night is that pull on plastic pants offer more security.

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    I agree with the thoughts here, for me the snap variation works well and does breath a little, the trick with this type of pants is to get the largest that fits the waist and the top of the legs, the elastic needs to be just tight enough to do the job without pulling on the snaps. The normal pull ups work very well and are less prone to leak.

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    I have a couple of all-in-one snap nightime diapers and the snap at the waist is snap on, but the other two snaps are alway unsnapping. The sizing is way off or my thighs are way to big. My pull-up pants work better for me, and the lining works well too!

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