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Thread: I'm new....

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    Default I'm new....

    I have recently been browsing these forums on a daily basis as a guest, and I have loved what I read.

    Before I found this forum I was very closed up with my love of diapers and afraid to follow through with my feelings. After reading a ton of stories and posts I finally got the courage to purchase and try them.

    All I can say is...... What an amazing feeling. I have been a DL for many years now but unable to act, and thanks to all of you I finally can.

    So I just wanted to introduce myself, say hey and thank you all.

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC. I can completely understand where you're coming from, because I went through the exact same thing. But it feels awesome to be open about it, right? So much better than hiding and feeling ashamed about it. This is probably the best ABDL community on the internet (in my opinion), and it's nice to see more people joining and feeling better about themselves.

    What kind of stuff do you like outside of your DL interests? Reading? Video games? Music? O:

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    I love reading, playing xbox and computer games and listing to music.

    And yea it really does feel great to open up.

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    Oh and I live anime, favorites being bleach, naruto, one piece and fairy tale

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    Welcome to the site DLDH, glad you have opened up and found comfort in it.

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    Hey! And welcome to ADISC.

    Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself?

    Do you prefer coke or pepsi?
    Would you rather go on a beach holiday? Or a skiing trip?!

    It's great that because of ADISC you've found a new comfort in your desires, but what makes us different from other forums is that we know each other as people as opposed to knowing of you because of your fetishes.

    I hope you have a great time posting and contributing, and be sure to explore all the different sub forums where I'm sure you'll find plenty of other people with similar interests to you. ^_^

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    I'll gladly say more about myself.

    I prefer neither coke not Pepsi but if I had to choose I'd go with Pepsi. My favourite is sprite.

    My ideal vacation would be a resort with a beach, but I wouldn't go during very hot weather.

    I love playing video games, especially world of Warcraft and skyrim and I own a Wii, xbox360, ps3 and a kickass gaming laptop. Oh and answert 46" tv in my room My favourite books are the inheritance series and Harry potter. Favourite movies are LOTR, day after tomorrow and spirited away.

    But by far my favourite thing is anime, which I enjoy both reading the manga and watching the anime of anything from Naruto to eureka seven, to gundam seed.

    I Live in Ontario and wish I didn't as the weather has been Terrible lately. I am 20yrs old and have a younger brother and a Girlfriend.

    I love to play hockey, I'm especially good at ball hockey, and also enjoy soccer. I don't like to watch sports much, just play them.

    That's all I can think of ATM lol, ill gladly answer any other questions tho.

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    Does your girlfriend know about your DL interests? If she does how did you go about telling her? And if she doesn't, would you ever consider telling her?

    Do you work? Or are you currently studying?

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    I'm so excited to be meeting so many anime fans here! I don't feel alone anymore. ;_; Naruto, Eureka 7, and Gundam Seed, eh? You have great taste. Naruto is one of my favorites. <3 Have you been following it lately? Awesome stuff has been happening.

    Although it's redundant, I will once again say (for the sake of staying slightly on-topic) that I hope you find your stay at ADISC to be enjoyable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanda View Post
    Not all Canadians like hockey. I hate the thing. D:

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    Haha ya typical Canadian, eh?

    And yea naruto is my favourite aswell, and I most certainly having been keeping up with it. Last chapter blew my mind lol. BIJOU MODE!!!!

    As for my GF, no she doesn't know but I'd love to tell her. I've asked her before if she would care if I wore diapers and she said no I wouldn't matter. But still not ready for saying it.

    I am currently in college studying electrical engineering, but I am on my co-op semester so I am working.

    To Fanda > do you like one piece and bleach? (I think it's safe to assume you like bleach from ur picture, which is pretty sweet btw lol)

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