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Thread: The strangest places you've found diapers on sale?

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    Default The strangest places you've found diapers on sale?

    So basically, I thought was just for computers, gadgets, electronics and whatever...

    But no. They've moved into other realms of retail; selling diapers being one, as per their most recent promo email... 20% off all Pampers. What the actual eff!?
    Can't see it lasting long at 8 for a pack of DryNites... and they don't even have the bigger sizes! What baffles me is that they must think there's a market for it.

    I thought this one was a bit odd, but where is the strangest place you have seen diapers on sale? Either in a store or on tinternet... or anywhere really!! Who can trump my surprise!?


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    I really didn't expect to see them in Lidl

    The strangest has got to be a street vendor (of the 'Only Fools and Horses' suitcase on a table style). You normally expect slightly suspect things like genuine Panfonic phones or imported Roflex watches... not packs of Pampers

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    I like to visit thrift stores (like Goodwill in the US) to see if they have diapers there. Every so often, I'll find a case of diapers for dirt cheap. It's like winning the lottery!

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