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    Hi all,

    Well the story goes like this i haven't worn a diaper in at least 6 months. i recently ordered a case of abri-form M4 which arrived today. I have to say that i totally forgot what its like to be diapered. It feels so nice and I'm all happy diapered while writing this post! My question to you. Have you forgotten what its like to be diapered and how did you feel after wearing?

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    Yes it happened some moths ago... I stopped wearing by night (and I mainly wear them by night) because I was frightened that some night I would randomly pee in the bed with my girlfriend... I resisted for a few months...
    One night, after a bad-gone exam, I decided to put a tena slip maxi on (I always have a few diapers in my hiding place )... I instantly felt better, and relieved... Not easy to wet that night, though; I was not "trained" anymore...
    Really... That morning, the feeling of a wet and warm diaper was one of the most beautiful moments I had in that awful period

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