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Thread: back and slightly less crazy :)

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    Red face back and slightly less crazy :)

    Just thought i should say howdy since i haven't been on here for ages. I come from Melbourne, Australia and am 19 going on 20 (not looking forward to no longer being a teen T_T). I'm about to go into my first semester of fashion design at uni and as part of a fairly shoddy and vague new years resolution i've decided to come back on in a general attempt to make some new friends and maybe meet that special someone although i'm pretty sure i've already met the one for me

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    Welcome back old friend! Glad your back and searching the forums. And don't worry! 20's not a bad number! One more year closer to doing "legal" stuff, right? Just thought I'd be the first to welcome you back!

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    Lol, here everything becomes legal at 18 XD so 20 just spells the end of my teen years haha

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    America! Lol the only place ive been where drinking is legal at 18 was in Jamaica :P

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