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    I saw that at Hooters restaurants they now have dress up days, where the girls wear themed costumes. On Feb. 9th they are having a "Cupids" themed dress up. I for one can't wait to see if any of the girls wear a diaper. It would be great if we all went out and got photos to share! I'm a little excited.

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    That reminds me: Some of my friends are planning a promotion for their college magazine. They ended up deciding to have cupids hand them out. And then... one of the gals suggested they wear adult diapers because they would be less weird to stand around in than underwear. It took everything in me to keep from offering them my Teddys.

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    So Jabber, do tell. Are they going to do it? I probably wouldn't be the only one here that would like to see pics of that.

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    Sounds like a great fantasy but I do not think you will get your wish.

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