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Thread: I am OUTTA HERE!!!- NOT ADISC, but well-explained in this post

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    Default I am OUTTA HERE!!!- NOT ADISC, but well-explained in this post

    I have decided that I am moving from my current home of 16 years due to an incident involving myself and another resident, who had the balls to call me a retard. Plus there are other reasons too: I'm already aware of the rent-increases due to renovations to compete with new student housing all over my neighborhood.

    In fact, they even kicked out some senior citizens from my neighboring complex so they can turn it into student housing. They also forced out low-income housing from their neighboring location because it's prime real-estate for student housing. So, I'm OUTTA HERE. I am NOT going to be a victm.

    As I said before, I had an incident recently in which some ignoramis resident called me a retard and that furthers my resolve. I am OUTTA HERE. I don't tolerate being called that word. Sorry, I hate being called that word. It's offensive and hurtful and I am VERY hurt over it. It bought back bad flashbacks to when I was in school and how I felt then.

    Time to move on, find a new place and hope for the best. Good Lord willing, I'll find something. Sorry, this has been something that has been bothering me. I may have to leave what I call my hometown as I've lived here since I was 3; but I feel this is all a sign to move on to something bigger, and better!

    Doubt anyone will respond but good Lord, I feel good venting!


    If the mods feel the need to relocate this they can or even delete this they can do as they wish. I just needed to vent and see what others say on this conundrum. I don't care if it's flames, or good word; I really don't care.

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    Wish you all the best in finding your new place. I think you have every justification for moving out. I hope the move will open a door to a much better situation on every front!

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    That's really tough!! *hugs* Hope you find something better!! And yeah it feels good to vent Done my share

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    Good luck finding a new place, sad you're leaving a place you've been in for so long but I can understand why you are! Let us know when you get resettled

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    Glad to hear you are leaving that place finally. Hope you can find a new place.

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    If you get that worked up over someoen calling you a retard, your going to have a hard miserable life. Unless you really are your totally over reacting.

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