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    I'm looking at getting some diapers from dorset nursing but just wanted to check how good there service is and how discreet they are (I'm at uni so need to collect post in the uni and carry it past a load of people back to my room).

    Thanks for any help

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    It's always been discreet for me when ordering packs. If you order a case you basically get the Abena cardboard box containing three packs (this is for Abena cases, not sure about other brands). It has 'M4' written on it but it's not too obvious. If you ask them in advance (the special instructions box when ordering) I think they're willing to cover even that up.

    Good luck

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    When I have ordered from them their service has always been excellent; my package has always arrived next day (apart from once when we had extremely heavy snow countrywide) and everything has always arrived in discreet packaging. If you order a case of nappies then they will usually arrive in the companies boxes with any tell-tale logos (eg: the Tena logo) covered over with white paper. If you order single packs they arrive in plain plastic packaging like an item ordered from a catalogue.

    However, whilst any obvious logos are covered so that it is not immediately obvious what is within the packaging the address label does, if I recall correctly, state 'Dorset Nursing Supplies' on it. This would not be obvious if you are walking past people, however, if your post is picked up by a housemate or by staff at the uni office then if they care to look at the label they may see that you have bought 'nursing supplies'. If staff at university see this it shouldn't matter as it is none of their business, but a housemate or friend may be more curious as to what you have bought; of course Dorset Nursing Supplies sells a whole host of items beyond incontinence supplies and nappies may not be their first assumption, but it could be difficult trying to come up with an explanation for what you have bought. That said, the company do sell items like towels and pillows, so you could just say that you bought them there because they had a great deal and your [insert relative] who works in the medical field recommended them if you really did have to try and explain themselves. A look on the website would confirm to even the nosiest friend/housemate that you can buy towels and pillows from that site, and they are about the right weight for a pack of diapers too.

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