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    I am looking to buy a pair of shortalls but I'm not sure where to get them or how to measure my body for best fit, so if any one could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cosy 'n' Dry has a few cute pairs. The owner will send you a graphic of which measurements to take after you order.

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    1.measure your body and some of your existing clothes (while laid flat) with a measuring tape to get a good idea of what you need to fit you
    2.check ebay for shortalls - there are usually some for sale for adult women, alternatively, you can buy men's dungarees and cut off the legs.

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    womens shortalls fit perfectly.
    just get the waist measurements right and the rest is easy, as shortalls as so adjustable you could be one or two sizes out and they will still fit nicely.

    i have 4 denim shortalls, 3 denim skirtalls and lots of playsuits & rompers too!

    as for buying them, ebay is your best friend, - bought lots of yummy clothes there!!

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    I get mine off Ebay wearing a new set now just got.type adult baby to find it

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    It's a shame it's so hard to make these things / get the stuff to make them, works out cheeper to buy, but it's risky with these small stores online, as you can't feel the goods before hand

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    I bought my shortalls from Pointer Brand Bib Overalls & Jeans | Denim Jeans. They are USA made and great quality. The only thing they are missing is the snap crotches, but then again I wear mine in public so it's probably for the best. They also sell overalls.

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