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Thread: Your Dreams/Aspirations?

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    Default Your Dreams/Aspirations?

    This is a question that has been bothering me lately. Just thinking over everything in my life, the "Where do I want to go" and "Who do I want to be" questions continue to be posed upon me by my self. I am in university right now working towards a double major in Finance and International Studies, with a double minor in Economics and Chinese. The career path that I want to to is a career in Private Equity/Venture Capital. That industry is enormously competitive, but can be very rewarding. It is also something that I really have an interest in. By looking at what I am studying, I am very interested in the world around me, especially in China and the Chinese language. Ideally, I would love a Private Equity career with a firm that does business in China.

    However, this is where my problem (for lack of a better word) comes in. There is an internship opportunity at a newly formed Private Equity firm in the city my uni is in. Myself and 5 other Entrepreneurs at the Business club I am a part of are the only ones in the city who know of this opportunity (since the firm gave us first bid, so to say). Just listening to the people who have been interviewed thus far and looking at their past accomplishments compared to mine just makes me think more and more that I don't stand a chance in hell.

    I feel that I have good experience that might get me the job:

    Starting 4 companies in my life time
    Living in China and teaching English there
    Being a part of student government
    Having 4 years of sales experience
    Being bi lingual (Mandarin Chinese and English)

    However, despite these qualities, I feel like I will just be slaughtered in the interview.

    All of this aside...just evaluating where I am now and where I want to me, has made me a bit saddened. I look at the industry and the personalities of the people in it and I begin to think that, though I would like to be like them, I am not sure if I could be like them. This leads me to prompt this question:

    At what point do you (if at all), give up on your dreams and settle for what reality hands you"?

    Should you always keep gunning for your dream job/etc, or is there a point in your life where you have to step back and say "Alright...this is not going to happen, no matter how much I prepare myself, convince myself, etc. It is time to be realistic and settle for a job managing a McDonalds, Working for the Big 3, etc"?

    Have you ever been prompted with this question in your life, if so how did you respond?

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    I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail of who I am, but I'll tell you what my aspirations are. I plan on going to college immediately after high school is over, possibly playing in a band in the meantime. Hopefully I can publish an album and/or novel before I graduate. I want to get a bachelor's degree in computer science and work from home. As for my career, I would like to go into either software design, software architecture, or web design. I just want to make a decent salary and do one of those three. I am taking a Web Design/Animation class right now and have had experience with computers actively since the first grade, experience with flash actively since the fifth grade, and experience building/designing web sites since the sixth grade.

    My aspiration isn't unrealistic. I certainly feel like I can do it and am preparing right now. I just hope it all turns out as planned.

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    I want to make enough money to enjoy my life while also not hating the job or whatever source of income I get.

    While that's going on I want to become a master of something, but I'm still deciding between a few things. Maybe a master of a few things?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    .... Maybe a master of a few things?
    I hear Jedi is a pretty cool mastery. Nice chairs and a nice view and all that.

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    A home on the water. My grandfather used to have a home on Cape Cod on the water, and sold it after my grandmother died. I miss it terribly.

    A successful career that delivers enough that I can live free of want.

    Some kids and a family.

    A Boston Whaler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    I want to make enough money to enjoy my life while also not hating the job or whatever source of income I get.

    While that's going on I want to become a master of something, but I'm still deciding between a few things. Maybe a master of a few things?
    That's pretty much what I've thought.

    Although I can condense it into a simple goal: I want to want to continue my life. That's my only true goal in life.

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    I want to enjoy my line of work - whatever it is - and have enough money to live my life.

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