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    Watch out DMV, Hanna's coming. it's already going though the Carolinas. then it's supposed to go all up the north east. It's starting to rain hard.

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    It was raining hard here earlier...No clue if it still is...It sure was hard to see anything when driving home >.>

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    It was raining when I was picking up stuff in the yard.
    and it was raining hard when I wrote that. there's no attic above my room.

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    It barely started raining in MO county

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    1st shot is just gonna be some pretty harsh rain.

    Then comes Hanna!

    Both systems are coming South-->North (usually West-->East)

    I'm in the upper-right corner, the very beginning of that island coming off of NY state (seemingly parallel to New Jersey), Long Island! (for you brits and aussies...) [Link - current radar closeup of my relative location]

    (+1 for Mac+Dashboard)

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    We've been experiencing heavy rain bands since early evening here in southern MD. I think we're supposed to be getting the worse part around daybreak to late morning. Hope we don't lose power, I've got computer work (and play:wink to do tomorrow.


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    Hanna & then we have to worry about Ike & where it decides to go!! I wish those in Hanna's path well & hope they will be safe!!

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    I have camped outside without a tent during worse storms than this cmon.

    Srsly I did though no joke.

    YAY 300th post!

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