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Thread: Bedwetting as a Kid

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    Default Bedwetting as a Kid

    I was a bedwetter almost every nite until age 15. Never was put into or diapers or punished for the soaked bed. Today as I think back it would have been much better to be in a wet diaper rather than that cold smelly wet bed.

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    Well yeah, but you shouldn't be punished for something like this of course.

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    I was a bedwetter as a kid as well, although not into my teens. Even at the time I would have rather worn diapers than wake up in a wet bed, although I never had the courage to ask. I was never punished for it, but my mom did get annoyed and yell at me a bit

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    blegh. Yeah. I wet the bed as a kid. Up until about 10. Woke up every morning with cold / clammy sheets. Sometimes had to get out of bed twice in one night to change clothes and get different blankets.

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    "as a kid" .. well actual i had to wear diapers to bed, because i wet in the night since 3 weeks
    after 6 days wet sheets my parents suggested the diapers
    at first i really didnt like the idea but i gave in for the sake of family freedom. But my parents are very understanding.. yeah they teasing me sometimes a little but i know its just fun and its to make me go easy with the situation
    now i am a bit glad to wear my diapers at night, they feel so good, and you see after 2 weeks in them i am here in this forum ^.^"
    ..sure they are embarrassing, the crinkle, the smell... yeah but on the other side i start to like it all very much, dont know why... i am just afraid of the next sleepover, whenever it will take place..

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    I was also a bed wetter as a child. I wanted to wear diapers to bed, yet I did not have the courage to ask. I did not like waking in a wet bed either,however,I believe that my parents thought they were doing what was best for me, by not forcing me to wear a diaper. This all ended around the time I was 10. Personally I believe that a combination of factors lead to bed wetting. Physical development is most likely the main factor,however,psychological issues and stress play a part as well. I lived in a high stress house hold.

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    I stopped wetting the bed at the same time I was daytime potty trained: just past my second birthday. I did wet the bed once when I was 19 for no know reason (wasn't drunk, wearing, regressing, stressed, or anything).

    I have been obsessed with bedwetting since not long after buying goodnites for the first time. If I ever move into my own apartment I am going to rig up a contraption to pour warm water into my bed in the middle of the night and cause bedwetting just to experience it for a while.

    I think many kids would agree that wearing a diaper is better than waking up with wet sheets every night, but for some the embarrassment of wearing a diaper would not be worth anything in the world. If I am ever a parent and my kids wet the bed I would never force them to wear diapers unless they were completely OK with it, and if they wanted to wear goodnites for enuresis then I would let them.

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    I was a nightly bedwetter all through childhood, some in my teens, and now more often than not. I did not wear diapers as a child, though I wanted to--to keep from having a cold, wet bed--and because I like the feel of diapers. I now wear diapers every night, just in case, and need them many nights. I would not want to force someone to wear diapers for bedwetting, but I believe they are much better than a cold, wet bed.

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    I used to be pretty bad about bedwetting, and even daytime accidents, when I was a little kid. It stopped around the time I turned 6 years old, so I don't remember a whole lot of it.

    Then about two years ago, I had a random freak accident at my cottage and woke up wet really early in the morning. Totally figures it was the one night I was sharing a bed with my little sister, which is something I hardly ever do. Luckily, I was able to somewhat get rid of most of the damage and cover it up without her waking and noticing. I'm pretty sure that it's not cool to see your 16 year old sister completely soaked, bahaha. XD

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    I also wet the bed as a kid, up until age 11. The main reason was that I drank too much water before bed (as I finally realized).
    My parents wouldn't have liked the idea of me wearing diapers, so I never did. I didn't have the idea to wear back then, but now looking back I wished I had thought of it.

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