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    Default Introducing myself :)

    Hey everyone, recently signed up to Adisc so figured I best introduce myself. I'm a Psychology undergraduate at university, hoping to graduate and become a Clinical Psychologist. I'm an outgoing an open person who also enjoys sports, listening to music, and video games.

    I decided to join, as I have joined other DL sites which i've found to be creepy due to all obsessive creepy people. But having read the forums here, it seems more mature, level headed and not just based on diapers. Though, when it comes to it, i'm just more of a standard AB/DL depends on which mood strikes really.

    I'm a bit of a techy, gamer and sportsman when it comes to my interests. I own a fair few gadgets and reading about new ones interests me, I'm also a big gamer on Xbox 360 and PC, and I'm a massive football (soccer) fan and support Ipswich Town. Also, I have a massive passion for Psychology - A field which I find interesting.

    I joined this site hoping to find people who aren't just interested in diapers, people who you can talk to as people rather than just another person with the same fetish. Hoping to get to know people beyond that one interest if that makes sense.


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    hi zoolander, and it is nice to meet you ( well as far as cyberspace goes ). I am also interested in Psycholor and for
    the most part i hope we can be friends.

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    A Psychology major, music fan, and gamer? We are definitely going to get along well. I'm a Psychology major too, as it's also a passion of mine. So cool to see another person who shares my love of the brain. I'm new here myself, and found that this community is very kind and welcoming. So I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I already am!

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    Another Psychology student, awesome, what sorta music and games do you like?

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