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Thread: Your earliest "ABDL-ish" or "Furry-ish" childhood memory (if you have one)

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    Default Your earliest "ABDL-ish" or "Furry-ish" childhood memory (if you have one)

    This probably has been brought up a zillion times before but I'm curious about peoples earliest memory that they can retain today, and recognize today AB, DL, or furry. I'm relatively new to this forum.

    I was probably about 3 1/2 and had a toy car with a nylon pull-cord. The car had no undercarriage and the cord was knotted on the underside through a little hole in the roof. The knot on the underside looked like a ....

    I remember pulling it out and making a "sssssssss" sound like it was urinating inappropriately and feeling aroused a little bit. I recognize now that it was a DL experience. Someone might argue that this is a variation on DF with the personified car (I dunno ).

    Today I am predominantly DL but am also AB. Also, today, I don't see a significant amount of furry in myself, if any, though I do think the furry avatars y'all have are cute.

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    For me, it was watching the diaper toddlers being changed at my pre-school.

    In retrospect, I think it was because I subconsciously felt gipped by going through a rushed potty training for a pre-school that didn't allow diapers and then switching to one that did, having accidents in the mean time.

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    My earliest that I can remember is having fantasies about cute boys in diapers when I was about 5-ish.

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    I remember when I was about 4 desperately trying to get my parents to treat me like a baby again and diaper me, and put my crib back up and all that stuff, i know it seems pretty normal for that age, but im talking DESPERATE, It felt like my world would come to an end if I became a big boy.

    As for the furry one, id say about 7 I really wanted my friend to play with me like I was his dog, if that counts?

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    i remember when i was about 4 or 5 i was at a friends house and he had a baby sister and while i was there, we were in the diaper changing room or whatever and i saw the diapers and i got so excited inside. then when my mom came to pick me up, i snuck into the room and put one of the diapers into my underwear. it was still folded up and it was just laying in my underwear. cant remember if they could tell that something was going on or not but i think i tried hiding it in my closet and the next time i checked on it, it was gone.

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    I think I am a furry because I was brought up with a large Tom Cat, he was black and white just like me, but I am a white Tiger..
    I had to go back to wearing a nappy when I was 9 yo and kinda carried on from then on (ish)

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    My first memory is being three years old. I must have JUST been pottytrained, because there was a box of diapers in my closet. I remember taking one out and putting it on, feeling excited, like I was getting away with something. When I finally told my parents about my AB/DLism, they were not entirely shocked.

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    i remember being like 7 or 8 and my mom brought home one of those corner baby doll things that women in the 90s bought the shit out of the ones that just sit in the corner and look like a toddler that got a time out in the corner.

    well anyways i remember one night i noticed that it actually was wearing a diaper and a big one so i waited till my parents were asleep and my brother too and snuck in the living room to grab the diaper. it took me a minute to unstrap it but i got it in almost perfect timeing because by the time i got back into my room i heard my dad get up to use the restroom.

    i got into my bed and was so excited, i put the diaper underneath me strapped it on it was such a perfect fit and all i can remember from that day on is that it was the best night of my life it felt so good to be in that diaper

    after that day i couldnt think about any thing but getting more diapers

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    For me my DL side came up at school. 5th grade. We were expereminting with the absorbent stuff that diapers are made of and you can guess what happened after that.

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    When I was 3 and my brother was potty training, I refused to go potty before bed and I was told I would have to wear one of my brother's pull ups to sleep in if I didn't. I remember thinking how fun it would be to wear a diaper again and that I would be more than happy to wear a diaper but that there was no way in hell that I was going to wear a pull up. I also remember at about that time that I used to pretend to put on a washcloth in the bathtub like a diaper and pretend to be a baby.

    In fact now that I think about it, I am fairly certain most if not all of my earliest memories are about infantilism. That kind of sucks lol.

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