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Thread: Figured I should finally register here.

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    Default Figured I should finally register here.

    After a few months of lurking around this place, I figured that I'd finally register here. I never planned on it, but the prompt to register finally bugged me. xD So here I am. Not gonna lie, I'm nervous about posting here and such because I'm afraid that friends and family will find me here, but I can't really talk to anybody I know about this part of me. If anything, I hope to make some friends here through a common interest, and get some reassurance that I'm not the only one like this. This most certainly isn't the first forum I've been to, but it's different from others I frequent. Not in a bad way, mind you.

    I'm currently bouncing around different majors, as this is my first year in college, but I think I like Psychology. I can be a bit sarcastic and silly at times, but I really like making new friends and talking to others. I like to talk about myself, but I like to listen to people talk about themselves even more. I love getting to know people. :) Music is a big part of my life, and I love listening to it and playing it. I'm also into video games and anime, so there's that. I'm kind of a nerd. xD

    As a young adult, I'm still at that point in my life where I'm in my prime years; still discovering more things about myself and what I like. Only within the past year have I come to terms that yes, I'm probably a DL. That's probably the first time I've even typed it out, because part of me just wants to deny the crap out of it. I'm not really into the whole AB scene, but that's just a matter of pride. I don't like feeling or being treated like a child, much less a baby. But if that's your thing, then that's great that you're happy and stuff. However, I do have a bit of a motherly side to me, and might eventually attempt to incorporate diaper-play into a relationship I may have (if my potential boyfriend is willing). So I guess I registered here at ADISC to help get support, figure things out, and make some new friends.

    Wow! This intro post was a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I digress. It's a pleasure to be a member, and I hope I'll enjoy it here. :)

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    Welcome here; and bravo for entering chat so quickly! Signs of being adventurous (I approve.) Well said intro also... it is good to be a little circumspect at first, revealing more of yourself and about yourself as time goes on, and you get more familiar with the place and its inhabitants. I remember my early days... when I shied from revealing private, personal things and gabbed an awful lot about neutral things; but you did leave us a couple of hooks... care to elaborate a bit more on your tastes in music? Also, your avatar begs questions... especially as you are non-furry. (Interesting... I know at least 2 other non-furs who used bunny avatars...) Is there a story behind it?

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    Thanks for the welcome! As for my taste in music, well... let's just say that I can count the types of music I dislike on one hand. I'm not terribly picky about music, but I really love a capella, orchestrated, and classical music. But for more "normal" stuff, I listen to a lot of Japanese music (I studied the language for four years in high school and like to listen to J-pop to keep myself exposed to the language), and a few groups/artists I like are Elton John, Queen, Dragonforce, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and then miscellaneous Broadway stuff. I have really weird, varied taste in music.

    Regarding my avatar, I just happen to love Ichigo. You're right in the fact that I'm not a furry, but in Japanese culture, animal ears/tails don't always necessarily count as furry. It's kind of difficult to explain. Japanese people are weird. I would know - I've hosted at least 13 exchange students throughout high school. XD I just think Ichigo is adorable, and he looks even more adorable with bunny ears. So I guess if there's a story behind it, that would be it.

    I guess I should say that I don't discriminate. I might not be a furry myself, but I don't want to scare off anybody by saying that. One of my biggest things is to accept people for who they are and what they like. :)

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    Hey welcome to the forum! I also am big into music. I to listen and play it as well. I'd love to know what kind of music your into.

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    Nerds unite!!

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