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    So part of being a mommy is always looking out for inspiration or fun projects that I can do with my cub. As I was on Pinterest, I came across a really fun idea and I showed Statik this and he's not only thrilled to try this but reminded him once again of how much I look after him. Not only is this cheap, and a fun project to do, but its also a nice alternative for those of you with sensitive skin.

    Below is the link to a wonderful mommy's blog who was nice enough to give step by step instructions on how to make your very own "Homemade Baby Wipes".

    We can't wait to make our own label's for our canister of wipes!

    I hope you enjoy!

    Life and Times with the Ehingers: Homemade Baby Wipes

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    And I'm still leaning towards the name "Cub Scrubs" as to what we'll call em since I can't think of anything better. Thanks for sharing mommy.

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    Wow....I'll have to try this. Thanks for posting.

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    Ingenious I have to say, all tough I don't see why they say to use bounty, I use the no name brand and it never falls apart of me, well not as much as bounty did anyway.
    That and the no names WAAAAAY cheaper, 79 cents (sometimes on sale for 50 cents), compared to the 9 bucks for bounty.

    I'm defiantly going to try this sometime, I have all the stuff already, just need a container, and I possibly should pick up my own paper towels so no one notices one out of two rolls magically missing.

    EDIT: I gave you 1+ rep to say THANK YOU!!
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    Ooh this is brilliant! Also, I'm sure I'd run out far far less quicker than I usually do if I was using those instead of shop bought baby wipes (I go through a lot of things like that).

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    You all are very welcome and thank you so much Mr. KittyKat for the rep.

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