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Thread: Christmas present to myself

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    Default Christmas present to myself

    Did any of you buy a Christmas present for yourself?

    I had told myself to buy a new footed sleeper, seeing the one I wore at Halloween didn't have long enough feet.

    BATMAN 02 - Warner Brothers - Pajamas Footie PJs Onesies One Piece Adult Pajamas -

    is what I bought.. got a discount via email but still pricey.

    Now that I'm wearing it, I'm so happy... the thumb holes on the sleeves are comfy and having no tightness on the feet is worth the price.

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    I did, i posted it before but:

    Subject: Your order at privatina - individual one piece fashion

    Product Name:Shirt Body - comfort - color
    Product Name:diaper onsie *nightstar* individual
    Product Name:adult baby onesie - save trainer -
    Product Name:adult baby sleeper - babygirl - fleece color

    I ordered them just after christmas but I'm still waiting for them to show up :/

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    I have jumpinjammerz too, and I love the thumb holes! Keep my hands warm in my cold basement.

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    Yays, I love the thumb holes on my sleeper. Sooo babyish

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    it's the thumb holes that sold me on this one... I've bought ones from a Canadian supplier with a back zipper and D rings to stop me from unzipping... but seeing that isn't as intresting as I get older and still single, the thumb holes are more attractive.

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    nice order.. you'll enjoy the onesies... but that sleeper... not my color

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    yeah totally! I bought myself space themed footie pajamas and have been wearing them every night i let my roomates see me wearing them and one asked if they were a christmas present. I said yes, but did not say they were from myself. they are so great its like wearing a super soft blanket all the way around my body. worst thing now is that in the morning I hate getting ready cause i have to take off my jammies.

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    Those are adorable, I had never heard of this company till now but I think that I may have to eventually pick up a pair for myself because they are so cute.

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    I got my self some diapers from a different source, bit more expensive than normal lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackattack View Post
    I got my self some diapers from a different source, bit more expensive than normal lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warly View Post
    Just has to be done sometimes! anywhere decent to get stuff in hampshire? Coz there's no were in cheshire

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