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Thread: abena changes mind again!

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    Default abena changes mind again!

    ok i dont know how many people already knew this and granted i may be the last one to figure this out but recent rumors that abena were abandoning plastic diapers for cloth backed type were true... but i recently found out from a newsletter on xpmedical that abena had yet in fact changed their mind again and have decided to keep producing plastic backed in the us!
    XP Medical - News on the Abri-Form with Plastic Backing
    i dont know if this link will work but this is where i read it at for those who are interested in reading it

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    Brosef, old news. Theres a thread as long as the Great Wall of China on the subject

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    Thanks for trying to keep us posted on something. But, a previous conversation can be found here on the this very topic.

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