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Thread: Has anyone ever heard of Scentsy before?

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    Default Has anyone ever heard of Scentsy before?

    They sell different fragrances Candles, sent packs and other aromatherapy items.

    In their catalog they sell some really cute plushies and you can put sent packs in them.

    So I'm curious if anyone has one and if so are they worth buying?

    Scentsy Buddies

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    I have a few of their regular ones (non-plushie) and have enjoyed them. Very easy to manage.

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    My wife just held a scentsy party. It must be fairly popular because her party sold some $400 or so of scented candles and scented wax warmers. Actually I like the scentsy wax that is warmed by a warmer. 1) You don't have to worry about an open flame or extreme heat source. 2) some scented candles (if the wick gets too long) puts off soot which can build up on walls and ceilings. It may not be very noticeable at first, but if you like to burn enough scented candles you will eventually notice this.

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    Oh yes... My wife has one and it is always on!

    In truth, I don't mind it. ^^ She picks good scents, but I find they vary greatly on how noticeable they are. Some are very mellow and work well with a calm atmosphere. Others...good gosh...

    Actually, a former co-worker of mine was looking to buy one. She brought a sample of each scent to work and we spent practically an entire afternoon trying to come up with the worst possible combinations. I think it ended up being 'Oxford', 'Leather' and... one other flavor. I forget now, but I remember the smell with much regret. Sniffing them all at once made my stomach turn.

    I really need to find a better way to occupy my time, don't I?

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