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Thread: 2000 posts? Hmmm I should probably introduce myself then.

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    Default 2000 posts? Hmmm I should probably introduce myself then.

    2000 posts and almost 3 years down the line and I've finally decided to get round to doing the formality of an introduction that so many of you do in the first few hours of joining, probably because back when I joined no one bothered to hound me in to doing one so never felt the need (these days we have Talula for that). Instead i just jumped right into posting.

    So my name is Pajamakitten (that's what it says on the ole birth certificate) and I'm originally from Bournemouth but am currently at university in Southampton studying biochemistry, I'm in my second year and only just finished this semester's exams last Friday. I live in a house with two other guys and two girls and can generally be found either in my room working or in the pub with a good cider or Guinness.

    So I'm an AB/DL (80:20 split I'd say) and could be because I wet the bed until I was 8, it's the best theory I have but in the end does it really matter why I am one? It doesn't change what I am. I came here nearly three years ago after watching an episode of Family Guy (No Meals on Wheels specifically for you Family Guy fans) because it started off with Peter buying a pair of footie pajamas and I thought they were bloody awesome and resolved get a pair. I searched online and found some sites that sold them but being the inquisitive person I am I looked footie pajamas on Wikipedia and that quickly lead to the world of infantilism and diapers. Only seconds later was I browsing sites like DPF to understand why a minuscule subculture I found about mere minutes ago was so enticing. A year or so later I found ADISC and signed up as it seemed like an excellent place to talk to similar minded people my own age and never left.

    Other than various baby stuff that we all show some level of interest in, I love a lot of other adult things too. Pokemon is my biggest interest I suppose; been playing the games and watching the anime since I was 7 and just like diapers I see no reason to stop indulging in it. I like other video games as well, mostly platformers, fighting and racing games though; FPSs son;t really appeal to me unless it's like Unreal Tournament or something (I hate realistic shooters).
    I like sports; football (Man Utd), rugby and Formula One and enjoy playing sports like badminton and table tennis even though I'd never watch them.

    Then there is music; rock, metal, punk, cheesy 90s pop and even a little bit of rap, hip hop and country. I'm a man of varied tastes and if I like it then I don't care what genre or artist performed it because I will not be pigeonholed in my musical tastes like so many others feel the need to be. If you'd like to know some of the bands that I do enjoy then just ask.

    I love standup and sitcoms, seriously they make up so much of my DVD collection and TV viewing it is almost unreal, I just love to laugh and feel that there are so many standups out there that are excellent (sorry Americans but I really don't know many of them from your homeland but I could reel off a huge list of British ones that are excellent). Big fan of The Simpsons, Futurama etc too.

    Well this is all I can think of for now but will be happy to answer any further questions people have (given how few of you I have actually spoken too there may be a few I'm sure).

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    Nice to meet you pajamakitten, I'm sure we will enjoy your company here...

    oh wait....

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    Hey, welcome!

    What a great intro!

    Remember, here at ADISC we're about more than just the state of our diapers, so make sure to check out the rules and maybe even some if the articles before jumping in too quickly!

    Hope you enjoy your time here!

    Seriously though, it was great to find out more about you, and collaborate all my information into one handy stalked file x

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    Cool I love Pokemon too. It's always interesting to hear how other people learned about their AB/DL side!

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