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Thread: What material are your "plastic pants" made from

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    Default What material are your "plastic pants" made from

    Hey all, another cloth diapering question for you.

    What material do you prefer for your plastic pants and why do you prefer it?

    Is it loud, soft or ??

    I am going to be ordering my babykins this week and I need some advice on which plastic pants to buy. For the printed ones I like loud and crinkly but I don't remember what material that is. For my everyday ones I prefer something quiet and somewhat breathable but strong and durable.

    Thanks! Derek

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    I just recently got in a pair of Suprima plastic pants from B4NS and they are the highest quality and most comfortable pair ive ever owned! I would highly recommend the Suprima line for quality.
    If you find some loud crinkly plastic pants, please share where from because i would love for a pair to be as loud as Attends with waistband! Hope this helps.

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    you can stiffen your pants by applying a coat of emulsifying ointment to them and leaving to effect (the length of time depends upon your desired result and is also heat dependent). i left mine on the shelf for 3 weeks (totally forgot about them!) and they are now quite crinkly.
    wash off the coating in a normal wash (over 50C) and rinse with a limonene based detergent/disinfectant to be sure of stopping all further reaction.

    petroleum jelly will do the same trick but it is much more potent and much harder to wash out (especially on lined/trainer pants).

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    I know there are different types of plastic used and I can't honestly recall what type mine are made from. However, it is pretty quiet and soft. Also, it has a cloth outer layer with a Care Bear pattern. I have a picture of them up in my member gallery.

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    have you ever tried the retro 1950's "rubber pants" you can get from fetwear?

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    I have both vinyl and PUL (urethane lamiate) the PUL are really comfortable and wash in the machine, but pretty quiet. The vinyl is crinklier, particularly the heavyweight. I've gotten all of these from adult (maybe ADC).


    The leakmaster deluxe are the thickest and noisiest.

    This has been my source for diapers, onsies, pins, etc. for a few years. Service is good and discrete. Don't like their current prefolds, though. (Although they're growing on me.)
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    I like vinyl-covered polyester fabric plastic pants. They're stronger than plain vinyl, which have torn on me before. Babykins sells these. They sell a vinyl-covered nylon pant, too, and some thicker pure vinyl pants, as well. After a while the pants will get stiff from wear, especially where they get a lot of wear - in back, at the legs, from sitting and moving. I'm OK with that.

    Balance durability with price. I'll pay a bit more for pants that won't tear. I hate diaper leaks, they never happen when they don't matter.

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    I have the new peva pants they are realy load and there is no way you will not be noticed when wearing them

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    My pants are the 4mm "Comfort Vinyl" pants from Changing Times. They're fine. They're soft and quiet, and they do what they're supposed to do. I'd love to get a snap-on or hook-and-loop PUL pant at some point, especially one with a cute print, but the ready-made PUL pants are just a bit small in the legs for me. Which brings me to this: Don't just order plastic pants based on your waist size! I did it, so I learned the hard way. It seems like most pants are very accommodating in the waist, but not so much in the legs. Most places that sell adult cloth diapers seem to provide leg measurements for their pants, so definitely check those out.

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    If you're looking for loud and crinkly, try plastic pants made with Euroflex material. You can get them from Fetware or other companies, and I think you'll be happy with the crackle they make.

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