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Thread: Hi im new here.

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    Default Hi im new here.

    Hi there everyone. Im nearly 39 year old female and I live in east London UK. I am a DL and have been since the age of about 3 years old. I guess its been hard for me as being a DL is a big big secret to me and ive never ever told my friends and family and never could and never would. I suppose my earliest memory of being in nappies/Diapers is when i was in them at night for bedwetting and came out of them when i was about 5 years old. I remember that I enjoyed wearing them. After I came out of them I didnt really think about them until I was 8 years old when my mum bought me a box of nappies for a life like doll I had been bought for christmas. I remember trying them on when I was alone. Well years went by and at 16 years old I came across some Nappies/ Diapers in the store room of the shop I was working in. I remember opening the packet and stealing 2 and hiding them in my bag. I would wear them at night when my sister was staying with her boyfriend as we shared a bedroom and waited till my parents were asleep. After I had worn both of them for a day or two that was it then I buried the want and need for years. I met my boyfriend and future husband that same year. My husband was wonderful and always accepted everything about me but this was a secret I couldnt tell him. I had to ignore my needs and wants and put them to the back of my mind. Sadly me and my husband divorced last year after being together since we were 16. I now am having the old wants and need for nappies/ Diapers again recently and I can now relax in secret about it as I live alone. I have just ordered some attends of the internet and I cant wait to get them. I will only wear at night though and never when im out im just not brave enough lol. Im so glad I found this group as this is the first time ive spoken about it. I hope I can make lots of friends here it looks like a great site. My interests are many and I love being with my friends and my family. I love 80s music and animals. I have two kittens female called Maeon and Marley. I am a mental health support worker and I also do some voluntary work with children with autism and profound disabilities. Well thats all about me. Sorry for the ramble. Hope to talk to you all soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Welcome to ADISC, WonkyDoodle! I'm so sorry that you and your husband recently seperated, even if it has allowed you to indluge in a side of yourself that you had to keep secret. I hope you find it easier to accept this part of yourself over time, and maybe even find someone who would accept that too. EIther way though, we are here to help!

    I have to say, it's wonderful that you work in supporting others. That's the sort of job I've always wanted to get into, because I would love to help people who really need it. Animals can just be awesome, sometimes the most very best company. Your kittens names are cute, how did you choose them? What is some of your favorite music?

    I hope you have a wonderful time on ADISC.

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    Hey gigglemuffinz thanks for replying and the nice welcome. Im so glad I found this site as I have nobody to confide in about DL. I am enjoying life at the moment and things are going great but I do miss my husband very much and I do still love him. He left me 6 years ago and the divorce only came through last year and its been very difficult. Can I ask about you? Are you DL or AB? How long have you been into it? Where you from and age? If thats ok to ask? Yes I love all 80s music but not heavy metal lol. I also love soul and reggae john Holt Marvin Gaye Barry white etc. I dont get alot of time to watch TV but I love documentaries and true stories and animal programmes. I love my job as a mental health support worker and I love working with the children its fantastic and rewarding. It would be great if yoiu could get into it too if you are really interested. Im trained in mental health and also autism and other disorders. My kittens are fantastic such a pleasure to have. Maeon is 6 months old and Marley is 9 weeks old very tiny. I just love unusual names. I never had children but I have wonderful nieces and nephews whom im very close to. Thanks again for reading my post. Oooo do you know how i can update my profile? I dont know how to do it. Thanks hope to hear from you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    I'm so glad you are able to confide in anyone, and I'm happy to help you in anyway. I can imagine it would be tough, especially because love isn't something that just goes away so quickly. I hope over time though, it doesn't feel as bad and you are able to smile a lot more.

    Of course you can ask about me, I'm pretty open with my information. (Some people aren't, and that's understandable.. but everyone I know already knows about me, though not because I wanted them to.) Right there under my image I say I'm 22 years old and from Flagstaff, Arizona. I'm an AB, and it depends. I used to do tons of "pretend games' about it since I was like, 11, but I didn't finally start wearing until I was 18. I may be 22, but I never really judge people on their age, especially on a forum where most people would rather be known as 2 or 3 year olds! I think I am a pretty interesting person to talk to, and you seem pretty interesting too.

    Thanks for encouraging me, I really bet working with children is so rewarding. I'm glad you love your job too, not enough people can say that.. and it's always great to find someone who does. I'm glad you have some close people in your life and you just have a lot to still be happy about. I love your unique names, and I bet they are wonderful kitties.

    It was a pleasure to read your post. To update your profile, you should go to "My Profile" on the top right, and then you can edit your About Me there by clicking on the pencils next to the sections. You can also change some things in Settings. I hope that helps!

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    Hey thanks for the reply. Wow youre from the US thats great!! I would love to visit the US and a few other countries especially Africa I would just love to go on safari and see all those wonderful animals that would be a dream come true. Thanks for telling me how to do profile but the symbols you mentioned are not showing and Im wondering if its because im using my iphone to access this site as my laptop is being repaired and the moment so I have to use my phone. Mobile internet is a bit rubbish and annoying lol. What time is it where you are? Here its 4.20 in the morning lol. Im a night owl i dont sleep well at all. What do you do? Do you go to school or college? Or do you work? Do you live with parents? I cant see any imformation about anything as i think im on the mobile site and not the full site. I cant find the chat room or anything its not showing up. You sound like a really nice person very warm friendly person. I often wonder what its like to be an AB. I think the nearest I got to it was drinking from a baby bottle one time and that was nice. I really believe im a DL due to emotional neglect as a baby and child. Although im close to my mum now and shes a bit more loving now. I do have a wonderful family and loads of friends so thats good and even though I could never tell them about being a DL I think its a good thing to keep private as they really dont need to know. What about you? Do your family and friends know? And if they do are they ok with it? I think its comforting relaxing and enjoyable. You said you are 22 wow I wish I was 22 again I feel like an old battle axe lol. Its weird because im 39 in April but i think I will be a DL forever lol. I hope you are having a peaceful night and if you are asleep now sleep well. Talk to you very soon xxxxxxxxxxx

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    welcome! I think you will find that many here share your experiences about DL. I am also 39 and had a similar experience growing up.

    When I was about 13 one of my older siblings moved out and I finally got my own room. The only provision was that my mom reserved the entire closet in that room to store "stuff". One day I explored the closet and found some diapers and was emmediately fixated on them and tried some on. When my folks found out that I had done this they removed all of the diaper stuff from the closet. The enfatuation never left but was ignored for many years until about 6 months ago my curiosity peaked again and with some exploration I found my way here. I honestly thought that I was the only one on the globe who liked diapers. I had seen some strange things on t.v. but chalked it up to reality show hype.

    Again, welcome. There are alot of different types of nappies/diapers to try out there!

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