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    Hello everyone,

    My username is Write and Left and I am brand new to this site. My life is an adventure and I want to stop and see all kinds of things along the way.

    I don't know why I like diapers or the idea of others wearing them, but I love to read a good story with a character that has to return to diapers as an adult. I would consider myself to be a DL, since I really don't get any joy from pretending to be a baby. I also like to write an occasional diaper story now and then.

    I love to dance and I also like to write. My writing is mainly science fiction or mainstream, but I like to try to write something every day. When I am not writing or dancing, I am either working, cooking, or enjoying a good book or movie.

    I am looking forward to posting some of my stories in the story section after I go though them to make sure they conform to the site rules. I do not mind criticism. Joining this site should be fun.

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    Hey there Write and Left, and welcome to ADISC! I love your name, it made me giggle. In a good way, I promise. I have a thing for puns.

    It's great to have all types of different people here. Just because I might like crawling around on the floor doesn't mean you are expected to at all, and I think it's great that you are different in fact. All types of different people means there will be all types of different viewpoints, so when people have problems they can get the best support possible. We'll be here to give you any support with whatever, even if it's just reading your stories.. as well.

    You said you like a good book, and you also mentioned you like to write science fiction, which is one of the few types of reading I really have always loved.. so do you read it as well? Though, I personally have trouble breaking away from authors like Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card so I probably won't know much of what you've read.

    It's awesome you can find the ability to write, and not constantly critique your own work and never get past a couple of paragraphs. Any tips on how to just get yourself to finish something?

    I really do hope you have a lot of fun here, even if you just lurk about the story area. There are all sorts of intelligent conversation to be had around here though, and I hope you really enjoy yourself. Welcome again, to ADISC!

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    Thanks for the kind reply, Gigglemuffinz I am glad you like the name. Sometimes people can take the PUNishment. I do read science fiction. I've read I Robot by Azimov and the Homcoming series and How to Write Science Fiction by Card. I mainly read David Weber, Lee and Miller's Liaden series, and other authors. I normally prefer strong female protagonists.

    To write, you have to have a rough draft to edit. To have a rough draft you have to make the editor go away. Once you write something down, you don't get to change it until you get to the end. That is the only way to finish something. Editing as you go is like trying to dig a hole and also throwing dirt back in. Don't edit as you go.

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