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Thread: Well.. hi there..

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    Default Well.. hi there..

    Hello everyone, I am new here so I thought I might introduce myself. I'm fluttershy... As some of you may or may not know, I have taken the username off my favorite character of one of my favorite TV shows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I can kind of relate to her in nature and personality as I'm quite a shy person.. ._. In fact, it took me quite a lot of courage to sign up here, as I've never joined an AB/DL community before.. so, well.. please excuse me if I'm a bit quiet and well, shy at first. Anyways I thought it might be easy if I use the wonderful template shown in the articles section of this site to introduce myself.. ^-^;;

    So what brings me here? Well.. umm, this is hard.. :/ I hope I'm doing okay.. Well every since i can remember I have had an interest in diapers, i think i can trace it back to when I was 3 years old, but I'm not sure exactly. So it's kind of grown up with me and become a part of who I am.. but in doing so, I developed a very shy and isolated personality. I have never told anyone before of my secret, and even though I have a few friends in real life, I don't have any close friendships. I guess that's just who I am, i find it hard to be social at times. So I guess a main reason for me coming here is to make some new friends, people I can spend time with and relate to, talk to about AB stuff and help others. That has been my dream for a long time, just having some people to talk with about AB stuff among other life gear... but yeah, I've never had the courage to do it before now. So anyways, in regards to AB stuff, i guess I'm kind of the typical AB in a way - i just absolutely adore cute stuff, ever since i can remember... I love cuddles and toys and other stuff like that (even though I've never dared admitted that to anyone). I just, want to feel secure, I'm always shy all the time around people... I'm not sure if this is making any sense, but just pretending to be like a small toddler/infant gives me security and those warm and fuzzy feelings you get from feeling secure in my isolated and lonely life... but it is kind of rare to have oppurunities to experience my secret side due to life outside of it - as I guess a lot of you would know.

    Speaking of which, outside of my AB life I am kind of normal I guess. I love animation/anime movies and tv shows as well as music/soundtracks... it's a wonderful thing. It doesn't really matter what age group the show is targetted at, i can always appreciate it for the time people have put into an animated show or movie to bring joy to there audience. ^-^ My favourite animations are any Disney/Pixar/Studio Ghibli Movies and of course Friendship is Magic. Other than that, I am also into a few games, I'm not sure if you've heard of Kingdom Hearts, Zelda or Final Fantasy but they are some of my favourite games as well. I also absolutely adore the piano and love composing various melodies, music has a very special place in my heart and always will, i just really love how it can bring out so many emotions. Anyways I've probably gone on too much about myself, I'm really sorry..

    What am I looking for out of this site? Hmm.. well i guess, as mentioned before I really look forward to making some good friends here. Other than that, I kind of hope to maybe help others who are also a bit shy like me too feel more accepted with there AB feelings.. although I probably wouldn't be too good at that. >///<; There are also some pretty nice stories here as well, which I like to read before bed.

    Anyways I guess that's pretty much me.. I really do hope I can be accepted into a community like this and can make some new friends.. I have a very loving and caring nature, so it shouldn't be too hard right? *nervous* Anyways, thanks for reading my introduction... *huggles you all* <3

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    welcome here to the best AB/DL site on the web. and I think your intro is perfect, I hope you enjoy your stay.
    Final Fantasy eh, do you you have 13.2 yet I have a coworker who cant get enough of those games. so welcome here.

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    Hi Fluttershy. Welcome to ADISC. You have posted a very nice introduction, and I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Try not to be shy or nervous, you are among friends here. Take care, and have fun exploring the strange and wonderous world of ADISC.

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    A welcome to ADISC hug for starts. Fluttershy is also my favorite in that show.. even if I feel like I have to avoid it because the bronies kind of frighten me most of the time.. so I can relate to you and in other ways, I'm sure you are going to find other people who can relate to you as well. This was the first AB/DL site I joined as well, so I know how kinda seemingly scary it can be at first, but I promise that of all the places related to this on the net, this is the place worth signing up for. The people here are kind, put effort in making sure that this is not a creepy meet up site, and put effort into supporting each other. I have a feeling you re going to just love it, Fluttershy.

    You shouldn't find it hard to make a friend here, someone to talk to about AB-related materials at all. There are so many people here who all share interest in that, along with your interests in the other things you enjoy.. that you'll probably have more trouble not making a friend. I know I would already find that a honor.

    Cute things are the most very best, aren't they? They just make it easy to smile.

    You make me smile because of how I understand how it feels to feel like you are talking to much about yourself, heck, I feel like I talk about myself too much when I'm honestly just trying to respond to you and make you feel welcomed and possibly just smile. You sound great though, and I love hearing it. Those are some great games you like, and I already can promise you there are many fans of the same stuff. I know I'm one of them for instance, though I can only appreciate music from afar. Being able to compose it just is really fascinating.

    Your introduction was lovely, it was a real pleasure to read. I'm going to ask some questions now, feel free to answer.

    What was your first ever video game, and which one is your favorite? (If it's tie, that's totally fine.)

    Specifically in video games, which is your favorite character?

    Which is your favorite Studio Ghibli film? I'm the only one I know of who liked Castle in the Sky the most, but don't feel the need to appeal to me about that, I'll like whatever answer is honest to you. ^_^

    What about the piano drew your interests over other instruments? I'm always curious how people choose what they want to learn and play, it's usually very a very interesting question to answer, and is all emotions.

    I'll stop there, but I'm sure hoping that we can be friends in the future and I can ask a bunch more! Have a great time here!

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    Thank you everyone.. ^-^;; You're really made me start to feel welcome here. Thank you very much.. *huggles tightly*

    Gigglemuffinz, first of all I must say I love your display picture, it's really cute. :3 And yes, cute things are the best.. teehee. *slight smile for you*

    Questions? Oh, ookkay.. >//< well umm... my first video game was Ocarina of Time (Zelda) on the Nintendo 64, that is what kind of got me into fantasy games I think.. yeah. My favorite? Hmm.. that is kind of hard, but I would have to say it is Final Fantasy X. The story is just amazing and had me laughing in hysterics and crying my eyes out, it really was an emotional roller coaster for me, and no game has done that to me before. In addition the soundtrack was absolutely breathtaking.. I think that every time i hear the main theme of the game, I'm in tears experiencing the game again.. I, I guess that sounds weird huh? Anyways I guess it was that game which also got me into piano, the main theme (To Zanarkand) is played on piano and I just fell in love with that instrument and so I decided to get lessons, although i still kind of suck a lot... ._. Anywho, as for Studio Ghibli, I have to say their latest release, Arrietty was outstanding in both animation and soundtrack, and that really is competing for my favorite at the moment which was My Neighbor Totoro.. >.<; I did love Castle in the Sky as well, I think Studio Ghibli have never made a movie I don't like.

    Anyways, thanks again for your very kind words, I think I'll have an amazing time here, even if I am very nervous still at the moment. I do hope we can be great friends here as well.. :3 and look forward to that very much. <3 <3

    Hopefully I can meet some more friends soon as well and.. maybe, well.. I do kinda, umm.. I would like to kinda sorta be adopted by someone in that adopt a user forum thing.. >////<; I don't know.. maybe someday..

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    Oh you, I'm going to have to get you to smile a little more then slightly one of these days.

    My Neighbor Totoro was very my second favorite, and I understand why it would be someone's favorite. Your first and favorite game were interesting, and were great reasons for liking them the most. I love to hear that the game helped bring you to the piano, people don't value game soundtracks enough. It's okay if you are still learning, you can only take it one step at a time.

    The nervousness is something I know well.. I hope you are braver then me about approaching the adopt a user thread, I've always wanted to post there but never had the courage. One from shy person to the next, I surely hope you don't let being scared keep you from doing what you want... even if I won't follow my advice. The people here won't bite.. I've heard. Maybe just playfully nibble.

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    butbutbut >//<;

    teehee, yeah soundtracks are very amazing things, well... music is i guess. I guess it's all about practice with the piano.. or any instrument really.. >.<;

    Hey..umm.. I was wondering.. if, if you don't mind.. would you, maybe like to be sisters? >//<; I don't know.. I.. I think it would be really nice.. andihavesortofalwayswantedasister...

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    Smiling is the best thing ever, I think..

    I just love to see people who will appreciate the composing and sound for games, who won't say it's not real music like some of the people I know. I've known it's always made me really happy.

    I would love to be sisters. ^_^ You were pretty brave for saying that, your already on your start to being at least as brave as I am.. (which isn't very brave I might have said the same thing if I wasn't worried about seeming overeager.) <3

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    I do like to smile, but sometimes I'm a bit embarrassed to.. you know.. :3

    Music will always make me happy as well.. ^-^

    Oh really?? ^////^; Thank you.. i was so scared in posting that, i didn't want to sound overeager either or anything, but..well i just though maybe i should go for it.. i don't know... >.< but i think having a sister like you will be really nice.. <3 *huggles tightly and runs to put on profile*

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    Welcome to the forums. As a fellow pony fan (though I like Pinkie over Fluttershy) I think you're adorable, so I made you some art.

    Click image for larger version. 

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