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    As some of you know, I just started college. Let me tell you...IT IS AWESOME. I know some other have started this year as well and I wanted to know how its going for you. I mean, it's not really out of a Tucker Max completely...but -sorry if this is mature- Tucker was right in saying that college has got to be the EASIEST place to get laid. I

    Anyway! I had my first day of classes too and it is so mad ill. I mean, it threw me a little off to have my teacher go..."You can call me Bonnie" and me going 'But that's her first name...' and a bit when I had two 40 year olds in my class as well- but I still think it is awesome, I mean when else would I get to do this. Every night is a party night, and though I do not do it every night, I did participate a few nights and it was really nice. Most of the time I just chill with some people though. It's so cool because you are forced to make friends and it is just such an awesome place to do just that. Because I dorm, I just go into the halls and meet all different people from different places and different cultures. I absolutely love it. I never want to leave!

    Anyway (again) how was your college experience or how is it now?


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    Fullmetal,My college days were pretty much as you have described yours.It will definately be a time in your life that will be unlike any other,a time you will never forget.Have fun,enjoy every minute,and if you can find the time,study and learn a little bit too.Best of luck.

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    College/University is great in terms of the responsibility and respect you get. You are a young adult now, so calling older people by their first name is now the norm. I remember when I did my first semester of university last year, the lecturers introduced themselves by their first names and expected to be referred to by their names. It's was just a good experience finally realising I'm now old and mature enough to not have to call people by formal titles.

    Aside from that, just have a lot of fun. The people you go to college with are not only your peers and friends or people you socialise with, they're your mentors, your counter-points to arguments/ideas and your basis for getting through the whole thing whilst having a great time. But just remember not to go overboard with the social aspect of it. You are going to college to study, so learn to understand and differentiate between times of when you need to study, and when it's appropriate to let loose and just relax.

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    I think it's all right...It's nice having 4 day weekends, and not having go for 8 hours days...But I'm at a community college, so I don't know about parties and all that...I'm not sure how many people will get your Tucker Max reference (I do though )

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    I too am starting 'college' (known as University here) this year, I start at the end of September.

    I'm starting to get really excited! I bought a wok today, it's so weird knowing that in months time I'll be living on my own (in terms of being away from family) looking after myself.

    I wonder how many other ADISCers are starting college/uni this year, this thread may be quite interesting!

    Anyway, if anyone's particularly interested: a lot of uni experience will be on my blog.

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    Count me in! I started college last month, and I gotta say it's really nothing like I thought it would be. Much more laid back as you describe Fullmetal. I've got a dorm room with a good friend of mine and I intend to make these the years of my life I'll never forget :P

    Let's just hope the English essays aren't as bad as everyone says they are, I hate English with a passion.

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    University for me was extremely difficult and stressful, because I was in a program that demanded all of your waking hours. Although, I can't say I was lonely, and there were some fun parties, I never even came close to getting laid. Everyone was so focused on their studies, and being engineering, there were very few girls. I still failed though.

    Now I'm at a commuter polytechnic college, and again there are hardly any parties because no one lives together, and I'm in game programming with very few girls. It's all pretty dull, really.

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    I'll move to another town and go to university next month. I got my own flat and look forward to an enjoyable time. Although I will have much more work than ever so far...

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    Yeah, university times have been fantastic. At least for me, it has been a time where I can unleash my full repertoire of intelligence and skills without fear that I'm going over the heads of everybody. I've been engaged in amazing projects and developments.

    That said, I don't get the whole first-named basis thing. I mean, I think part of it is that while Yale students are suppose to theoritically be amongst the best in the world, the professors we have are not theoritically so: they are. So there's more deference.

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    Technically speaking, when I go back to university next year I'll starting my first year again. I've opted to do some courses over again to get a better grade in them. At least now I know what to expect.

    I think the biggest things you first-timers will experiences is just how much of a lifestyle change is required. You'd think it wouldn't be that much different than going to school, but even I got caught up in that one. You don't spend as much time in class as you do at school, leaving you plenty of time to study on your own or just study in general. It takes a great deal of self-control and motivation to sit down and study on your own accord.

    Remember, the lecturers don't care if you do your "homework" or not. They don't care if you don't study. A lot of them will figure that you're now a young adult and that you should be responsible for your own academic career. Sure, go out have a good time, be social party with friends, but there'll always be a crunch time when you have to just sit down and pour your brain out over textbooks and lecture notes. So just be prepared for that.

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