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Thread: Walk in stores with adult footed pj's.

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    Default Walk in stores with adult footed pj's.

    A couple stores have popped up in malls in my area that sell adult footed sleepers.

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    The U. S. has had them for years. You can get them at Targets and I suspect, other places. Still, I like my Jummpn' Jammerz. They're very good quality and almost too warm.

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    It also seems that the sleepers are also disappearing for stores as well as I havent seen one in a week or two. I was hoping to get more before they were pulled but I guess I have to wait till October to get more.

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    I looked around this year for footy sleepers, and didn't really see any. I know Target had them a year ago, because I ended up buying a bunch of them. I kept looking this year, and never saw any there. I did go into a K-mart this year, and they had a few pairs of them. But I've never really seen many stores around me carry them. I think, I'd see more if I was further North. But living in Oklahoma, I don't think many stores carry them. But I enjoy wearing them. They are nice and warm to wear during the winter. There are some days, I'll just wear one all day (if I'm not leaving the house).

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