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Thread: I am new here!

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    Default I am new here!

    Hey I am brand new on here, I decided to join. I am starting to be an AB. I just started using a pacifier, I need some questions about a few things.

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    Im 24, I like sports, movies, games. I love rock and classic 80's 90's music.

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    welcome what paci do you have and what questions?

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    Well, How much should I use my Paci, I mean I use it at nights for about 2 hours... Should I use it alot if I feel like it? I just started using it Monday. I want to use it all the time but is that safe to?

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    Hi there and welcome to ADISC! Seems like you are really enthuastic to learn about things, and that's always great. This community is about support and we want to help you whenever you need it.

    With a pacifer, I've heard mixed results. Some people say that if you suck just normal ones for too long it can cause a bit of teeth re-arranging. Some people don't have that problem though and manage just fine. I've never had any issues with mine that I got just at the store, but I already had teeth issues too! Although I really don't have the answer on which ones are teh best, I have a feeling that many people here will have a lot more advice then me. (There also might be a good article on the subject, the members post articles and they can be found pretty easy!)

    If you don't mind, I have some questions for you! You added in that you like sports, movies, and games.. and that's just making me so curious! What types of movies, sports and games do you like? I'm not much of a movie person, but I really love video games and I like American Football (Tennessee Titan cheerleader for life <3), but perhaps you don't. With video games, I like RPG's, Puzzles, Platformers and Fighting games, but you maybe don't share my more geekier interests. Perhaps you are interested in those flashy First Person Shooters, if so.. there are probably lots of people here who share that interest. I stink at them personally, I get the motion sickness. I'm interested in what your favorites are too, what people really love always tells a lot about them, at least in my opinion.

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    Hi Pacifierforme!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, I know you like pacifiers, do you also like to wear diapers?


    Have fun getting to know the whole site, and I'm looking forward to you becoming an active member here!

    - Will

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