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Thread: Buy a case of bambinos to cope with a depression period?

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    Default Buy a case of bambinos to cope with a depression period?

    I've always felt better wearing while depressed for some reason and I've been depressed for a few months now. Wondering if I just take the plunge and order a case of bambinos. I've had quite a few big packages come the past few days for computer parts, etc so that's not an issue, plus I have a po box to so that's even less of an issue.

    I know I really should see a professional for help, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

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    I dont blame you one bit for not wanting to seek professional help. After being a pin cushion for different medications from a shrink over the course of two years, i diagnosed and treated my own problem without their help. If it makes you feel better to be diapered, then take the plunge and buy a case!

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    if you honestly believe it will help you, then yes, absolutely do. however, I think its important to know you won't likely be fixing your depression just temporarily helping manage it. and I wouldn't want you to get into the habit of self medication with diapers. beyond the obvious aspect of being expensive, it could lead to more problems or deeper depression down the road if you become dependent on them for happiness.

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    I ordered a medium sample just to be 100% sure a large is fine, they seem to come up really high on me, but mediums if I remember right seem to barely get to my belly button.

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    I do both of those....wear more when I'm feeling depressed (I think it helps) and make sure I stock up when I order computer parts...the apartment manager is always assuming its more computer parts :-)

    p.s. I love the avatar!

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    If I lived in an apartment I could honestly care less what they thought I was buying. Strangely enough, only time I worry is while I'm at home and around family. Complete strangers, pfft, they can think what they want to I don't care.

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    Depression sucks!! I am on anti-depressants and I hate it. But I love diapers too and I think they do help. Hope you find some peace with that!

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    No need for a professional if you can have diapers.

    Normally if your depressed I suggest a beer and a football game, but diapers will work in your case too.

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    Diapers always make me feel better, at least for a while. Feeling better, even for a few hours is better than not at all.

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    Diapers aren't hurting anyone and they suppress your depression so it would technically be a great "treatment" for your depression. But it would only be a treatment for your depression and as Seamuis said, it wouldn't necessarily be solving the source of the problem. Anyway, i say go for it and hope you feel better soon.

    I also second the beer and watching the 49ers pick dynasties apart. That always cheers me up

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