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    I suppose I should introduce myself at some point :B

    Name's Casey~ I'm into parkour and photography when I'm not padded (either of those kind of have the fun removed when I'm in such a state; chafing and whatnot). I live in Utah, I'm a furry, and I just got back from Further Confusion. I'm a server at a generic restaurant, though I'm looking to move into a different job soon. I just graduated college with a Bachelor's in Psychology.

    So... yeah. My life in a paragraph

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    Hey there Casey! It's a pleasure to welcome you to ADISC! I could imagine that being padded and doing parkour would not really mix, though I have to admit the concept is really new to me so that's just an assumption. What's Further Confusion and what is your interest in it? What sort of job for you is ideal, like.. what job were you hoping for when you got your degree to break into?

    This is a super fun support community with a large assortment of people with different interests and different walks of life, all seemingly connected by one thing. So I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Nice to meet you Casey! I'm all the way over in Michigan and am into parkour as well. I've exercised while padded to figure out if it would be okay with parkour and had the same annoyance with the chafing. It kind of limits your leg mobility too. What would your favorite thing about parkour/freerunning be?

    How was Further Confusion? I'm going to my first furcon in April. They sound like they're a ton of fun with great people.

    Congratulations on graduating with your bachelors, and I hope your job search goes amazingly!

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