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Thread: rugrats, the movie?

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    Default rugrats, the movie?

    okay, first of all: warning: the following contains mature content (creepy content ), and may ruin your childhood memories.

    anyways, I found this on the net... childhood ruined

    oh, and I put it in diaper talk... but I don't know if it's right here, mods please move if needed.

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    Awesome!!!!!!!! That's hilarious!!!!!

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    oh my this was so jokes dude thankyou for showing us this its really nice u put the time in this post

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    I would be a lot happier if I didn't just see that.

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    Why did you show me that it so scary I pee my diaper.

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    I've seen some real whoppers in my day but that one takes the cake.

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    Hahaha lol! I remember watching rugrats and that was a really funny parody of it.

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    Pretty funny, adults acting out Rugrats....haha.

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