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    Hi. So, I guess I'm new here. I have never explored the AB lifestyle before a few weeks ago. A couple of months ago I moved into the house of a couple who I had met on my campus (they are employees, I am a student.). They're both a little older than me and they expressed an interest in playing together with me as their little one. Recently it's come to light that I'm dealing with some semi-forgotten trauma, and so I finally relented, allowing them to pamper me (figuratively at first) because I presumed a little regression therepy wouldn't hurt. That was two weeks ago. Now I get put to bed with a bottle and a diapering each night by my new Mommy - this is all happening so fast it's overwhelming. I couldn't possibly have predicted things would turn out this way. It's the structure that my previous life lacked which I have come to intensely crave - the being told when and what I can eat, go to sleep, wake up, etc. Since I lived by myself for so long before I came here, I was surprised by how freely I was willing to cast off my liberties, but once I had, my life calmed down so considerably. I don't know if anyone will be able to relate to an experience like mine, but even though I neither wanted nor asked for this kind of life, I somehow get the sensation that I'm incredibly lucky. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, note that the treatment I'm getting at the moment is entirely innocent, I am treated like their baby daughter at virtually all times, and so far as I am able to see, there are no strange motives here. So I guess that's me in a nutshell. I'm literally waiting for my mommy to come change me and get me up right now, so I thought I'd give a greeting and hopefully hear what y'all might have to say about the odd turn of events in my life. I imagine as this goes on I'm going to have some questions. It would mean a lot to know that I have a community to turn to when I am confused about certain things, so preemtively: thanks for helping me out.

    Wishing you all the very best day,

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    Welcome to ADISC! Seems like life is really changing for you. I'm sure you are watching out for yourself, as that's the basic drive of all human beings.. but remember to be as safe as possible with anything you do. I know you probably were expecting things like that, I just can't help but worry about you since you are making so many changes so fast. I'm glad you are happy now, I just am worried you won't be in the future. The last thing you want is to get trapped in any sort of situation you don't like. However, if you are happy and enjoying yourself then that's all anyone could ask for. Some people might even think your story seems almost surreal, but I generally like to move forward with the idea that everyone is telling the truth.

    This community is certainly about support first, and if you every need someone to talk to, someone to ask a question to, or someone to listen to you I'm sure the people here will be happy to be those people. As this goes on and if you ever start to wonder or feel confused, and especially if you ever need any help, let the support community know and I'm sure they will do their best to assist.

    Normally I ask what other things a person is interested in other than diapers, and even if you are full time regressive there must be some things you like to for fun, to play and enjoy. Food, anything. I'm sure people will be curious about those things, and I am too. I really like to watch Strawberry Shortcake for instance, it's a fun cute little show that you can even watch on Netflix, which you should give a try if you like. I'm sure it would pass even the most strict test of a loving caretaker.

    Just do what makes you happy, keeps you safe, and gives you a life you want to live. That's all anyone should do.

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    Hi Gigglemuffinz,

    Perhaps that's been a part of my problem all along. I've always been a little bit of a loner and don't have many hobbies. Until recently I was a full time graduate student and working a full time job as well. I've kept myself busy with work and study so that I never had to let myself do much thinking. My Mommy had been asking me for a while to quit my job and stop paying them rent, but since I was a tenant I just didn't feel I could let them allow me to just stay here for free. After they convinced me to try being their baby, I quit my job and took dissertator status at school so I no longer have any responsibilities. I guess I'm just now working out what kinds of things I like, aside from research. My graduate work has been in Chinese and Japanese poetry from the tenth to eleventh centuries, so the one thing I've gravitated toward is Ni Hao Kai-Lan because it helps me keep my Mandarin fresh a little bit. I also love fairy tales but my Mommy can't read Japanese so my favorite stories I can't have read to me. I guess I never realized how dull my life has been until now.... But I do worry that the novelty of this new lifestyle will wear off. However, it almost feels like becoming small is helping me grow up. It's an interesting sensation.

    One peculiarity I've noticed is how tired I felt lately. Partly I wonder if I haven't been sleeping enough for years, and somehow my body is catching up with me or something. For example, I got put down at nine last night and woken up at eight this morning for breakfast... And that's after a two hour nap yesterday.... 13 hours of sleep is WAY more than I'm used to, but I don't feel sick or anything. *shrug* I don't know.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement - I agree with you, surreal perfectly sums up my experience so far. I hope you have a lovely day.

    *much hugs*

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    Wow. That is just incredible.
    I would be lying if I said I had any experience like that, but then I've never been in a care/carer position before in terms of AB/DL scenarios. But I think it's very gutsy and brave of you to come here and share with us your experience. I would definitely say that if it seems right and you think it has a positive effect on your personality and lifestyle then by all means make the most of it
    But don't be someone that someone else wants you to be if it's not really what you want. It's a free world afterall... (at least until SOPA and PIPA royally screw us all over on the world-wide web!!)

    That all said, I hope you can learn from us as much as we can learn from you on the forums, and of course we're the sort of community that will give you the right advice and direction - or at least some options - when times get a bit confusing or whatever.

    On that note, I hope you enjoy socialising and taking part in our weird and wonderful banter

    Happy posting,


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    Dear Dash,

    Tons and tons of thanks for the warm welcome! I'll do my best to stay vigilant in regards to who I want to be, but as of yet the only thing I've been pushed to be is more selfish... which is probably something I need to do anyway. I'm still getting the hang of... well.... a lot of things really. I've never been very social and this whole situation has really opened my eyes to a lot of things inside me that I didn't really previously understand. Assuredly it's a learning experience, and as such, I'll be mindful of my surroundings. Thank you for being worried about me.

    Again, all the best,

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    I wanted to make sure I replied to those who replied to me, and you gave me a lovely reply so my want to reply was even stronger!

    It's common, once you stop dealing with the stress of work and school in your daily life (I recently have been going through a period where I am more of a child in my household, so while I can't fully bond with what you are going through there are some at least minor similarities I can speak of.) your body will be catching up on all the sleep it really has been needing. I'm sure you'll go back to a normal sleep schedule after a while, but your body I'm sure is happy for all the rest.

    You actually are pretty interesting, not afraid of saying that. I'm so happy you are being able to really enjoy being small, and I'm sure a lot of people here, including myself, totally understand you on that part. In fact, many of us are jealous, I have trouble getting my caretaker to treat me like a baby for a full day if that's what I wanted, she knows how smart I am and she has to go to work too often! Maybe you could tell your mommy about some of your favorite stories, perhaps there is some way she could at least try to tell you them.. I'm really sure that's what she wants anyway. Being able to read multiple languages, as it seems the case with you though.. is a really cool skill! I've always wondered what that feels like if all the languages feel natural. Do you feel like a superhero? *laughs*

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    Ello there, welcome to the site! Did a little profile stalking so have a few questions/comments =P. With reading, what books do you like? Is it mostly fairy tales, or are there other genres/types of books you enjoy to read as well? Also see you mentioned travel, sooo...what would be your favorite place you have visited so far (if any)? And a second question, what are some places you want to visit?

    By the way, never heard of atomic green nail polish before, and can't lie, it sounds like it would be pretty awesome! Though not sure what exact shade of green atomic green is, but still =P. In terms of your life it does sound fairly interesting. It does sound a bit unrealistic, but I'm fairly skeptical about quite a bit of things, and (So far) you don't seem like the usual type who post the unrealistic stories, so I choose to believe =P.

    With that said, it does sound like a fairly lucky thing as long as it is something you enjoy. There are plenty of people in the community who would love to be in that position. Personally I don't think I could handle going from being mostly independent to (What sounds like) much more dependent on someone. Its good to hear that it seems to be helping you though, and great its helped to calm things down a bit. Plus I guess it is an easier way to get structure then going into the armed forces and risking getting shot up right (Note: Nothing against anyone in the military or was in the military, you people are 10000000000000x braver then I could ever be without a doubt!)? If you have any questions, feel free to ask around the forums, I'm sure there will be people willing to help.

    Almost done (if you read all this, wow! xD) but definitely good to try to keep up on getting some practice with the languages, I know how easy it is to forget a lot of it when you don't use it (I took German for over 3 years, and have now forgotten most of it, outside of a few things). As for the sleep, I know for me, when I don't have to get up at a certain time, I can basically sleep forever. Not sure if it is the body catching up or just needing more sleep or something else but yeah. If it is on a decent schedule (which is does) I wouldn't worry about it too much, besides doesn't seem like there is a whole lot you could do to mess with it anyways.

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    Dear GiggleMuffinz,

    Do I feel like a superhero? Oh no, not at all. My history with language goes all the way back for me, my mother spoke Russian and German and a lot of my family didn't speak english, so I think I have the ear for the sounds of new languages. That being said, these days I really only speak Japanese and English at any decent level. I lived in China for a spell, but I only picked up the language so-so.

    As for my lifestyle... I would say no one is as disbelieving about it as me. Part of me thinks "this is not what I envisioned from you"... But the feeling of being loved unconditionally by two people I really trust... It's overwhelmingly comforting. I have two parents who adore me, I almost feel as if nothing else in the world could top that feeling. How much of what we do in our lives are really for the sake of our parent? Get good grades! Why? So you can get a good job! Why? So you can make money! Why? In the end... It feels like we do these things to make our parents proud... And mine are proud of me when I finish a bottle, so really, who am I to judge? So I had grander plans for me, abd it feels funky to not be intensely focused on those plans. I'm content. Maybe that's enough.

    I read up a little from your profile. I'm not the superhero, dear, you are.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.


    Dear Coyote,

    Hi back!!! It's so funny you bring up the military. I have a dear friend who decided to join the Navy recently. I was talking to her about my new life and we realized that ironically, our situations are extremely similar. We are both badly in debt and were following a path that had us simply going through the motions, living humdrum lives that we weren't really proud of at all. We both needed structure and support and found very different ways to get our needs met. Here's tge funny thing. She's big in the bdsm thing, all about submission and whatnot, and that's never been me. I love to travel and see tge world and she's never left the country. It's so funny but it sounds like we stumbled into each otger's fantasies a little bit. As a side note, not only is she supportive but she took it upon herself to call my Mommy this morning and volunteer to babysit me when the need arises, so that's a homerun for me.... Until she ships off of course. But I refuse to think about that.

    My favorite place I've traveled? It would have to be Tenri city. It's a tiny town near Nara, Japan (which was the first capital city before they moved it to Kyoto because tge Buddhists were gaining too much power). I love Tenri because it is a cery very religious place. I'm not terribly religious myself, but I have so much respect for people who are. I love Kyoto too, I lived there fir six months, but I actually dislike Tokyo. Too crowded. I also lived in Shanghai for a while and loved it there. I like China, it gets a bad wrap. As for where I'd like to visit, Taiwan for sure. It's supposed to have a subtle mix of Chinese and Japanese culture, since Japan occupied it before the anti-communists moved there... So it's right up my alley.

    Stories I like... At this point I'm forbidden fron reading big kid books, but I used to love distopic fiction. I read 1984 and brave new world in high school and started consuming that kind of stuff - the giver, handmaid's tale, clockwork orange... I love that kind of thing. There's been an influx of distopian movels in the past few years and I've eaten them up. I loved hunger games but wasn't a fan of catching fire or mockingjay. I adore divergent and will be throwing a tantrum if im not allowed to have the next book read to me. I also really have a soft spot in my heart for Matched, which was one of the best books ive ever read. I highly recomend picking up that and night circus if given the chance. In terms of my research, i read a lot of diaries from early japanese history, but its usually a little dry. I love poetry from the Tang period in China.

    My atomic green nail polish is amazing. It was given to me by my new big sister, my Mommy's other daughter, so it's super special. It's kind of a really dark aqua with shimmery lines in it when it hits tge light... Almost like an opal. I like having my nails done and I've becone the unofficial make up dolly in the house, so ill keep you informed if i find anything else cool.

    Lastly, I've been thinking a lot about something you said, that going from very independent to fully dependent is hard. The hardest thing for me, really, is feeling like I'm too selfish. Before this, I was almost paralyzed by my inability to ask fir what I need. I hadnt had a boyfriend in years because i didnt go out. I lived alone and kept to myself. If I got sick, i stayed hone because i didnt want to bother any very busy and important doctors with my pitiful problems. Enter my new family. When they met me, i think tgey could see that i had become this shell of a woman, nothing inside. Im not unfriendly, i just never felt like my time was important enough to waste someone elses. I tried sooooooo hard to put everyone else first that i wouldnt call people on tge phone in case they were busy doing something. Now, I have to ask for what I want. If I don't let someone know Im wet, I dont get changed. If I dont say im hungry i don't get fed. Maybe it goes without saying, but my Mommy knows a lot about child psychology, and this regression was all her idea. Its not forever, she want me to have a second chance to grow up and im grateful for the chance to do so. They have me on a one year plan, where I have a year to prove to them i can get my needs met on my own, before they'll let me grow up again. Its really smart, when I think about it.

    Anyway.... That was a loooong reply. I guess im in a talkative mood today... Both my parents are at work so it was sort of this or cartoons I guess.

    Still, i hope you have a lovely day and thank you for the welcomes.

    *with baby snuggles*
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    Welcome to the site, I hope you have a good time here on ADISC. Also, I hope you find your "new life" to be to your fullest enjoyment.

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    Wow. That is certainly a very strange situation you are in! It must be hard to adjust, especially if you had no AB feelings before?

    I would certainly be worried about the possible motives of your caregivers though; if you were a student at the campus where they work, and if the woman in question is employed as a child psychologist, then it sounds to me that they are seriously risking their jobs in taking you in as their 'child' and caring for you in this way. I doubt very much the campus would look kindly on their employees approaching a student, encouraging her to give up her studies, and babying her in this way. If they are willing to risk their jobs in order to treat you like this I would be seriously questioning what they are really hoping gain from this.

    Not that I am trying to criticise your decision or your caregivers, they may have no ulterior motives other than to help and support you, but it does sound likely that were the campus to find out about this they would view this as perverse. ABs have got a lot of bad press in the past, mainly because people focus too much on the diapers and fetish side of it. We ABs know that it is not always sexual, but the media and other people not into this often don't. It's also possible that they have targeted you as a vulnerable woman and are interested in this as a sexual fetish which they will then involve you in, with or without your consent. It is certainly not usual that people would take in an adult in this way, especially when both your caregivers would likely lose their jobs, especially if your Mommy works with children, were this to come to light. Hopefully that is not the case, but I think it is important to really consider every possibility and why they would be happy to do this; taking an adult in and giving her a safe space to work through past traumas is one thing, but encouraging her to act as an infant and being willing to have her become completely dependent on them, even to the extent of changing adult diapers, seems very unusual. So again, I would be questioning why they are willing to risk doing this and making sure you are not putting yourself in a dangerous situation. If they encourage you to give up your adult life and to relinquish all control to them then you are potentially putting yourself in a very risky and dangerous position were they to unexpectedly turn. It would not be the first time that people have gained somebody's trust before turning nasty.

    I really do hope I am wrong to doubt them and that they genuinely are doing this to help you, and that you are able to find support in adjusting to this new lifestyle here at adisc. But please do be careful and consider why your caregivers would risk their careers and their reputations by doing this.
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