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Thread: First time buying from AB universe

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    Default First time buying from AB universe

    So I just bought a 10pk of cushies from AB universe and I really want to know are they worth it? Also how is the shipping because I am really hoping to get them next Wednesday.

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    it would be hard to say wether they are worth it, when we don't know your experiences for compare or what your ideas of 'worth it' are. you are essentially asking for something that can only be your own opinion. however, as a 24/7 wearer I have tried pretty much everything out there including the ABU cushie, and as per my personal preferences, needs and desires for a diaper, no they aren't. at least thats the conclusion I have come to for myself. I could go on all day with side by side comparisons, etc. but that would be pointless and info overkill, so I will say that they are cute, and thats a plus, the large single tapes are awesome, and the standing leak guards are the best I have ever experienced. beyond that, there is little good I can say about them. but your milage may vary, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. as per the shipping, despite other people having had complaints in this department, I experienced no issues and the order I placed was shipped promptly by ABU, and fedex was... well, fedex. so how fast and reliably it gets to you after its handed off to fedex is up to them really.

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    Thanks, I am a baby diaper user and they leak if I am not careful so I am pretty sure they will go above what I have been using. Just hope that storm doesn't screw up the shipping to much.

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    I had good service from them. I am not going to order Cushies again. I like the SDK better. The Cushies leaked for me right away. But they are darn cute!!

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    if you've only ever worn baby diapers then yes I can imagine these will be a whole other world, and rightly so. that makes it easier to offer up opinions and comparisons. id say it will likely take some getting used to because thats a big change, and my ideas probably won't mean much if you have no other experience with adult diapers. if leaking is an issue, then I would say you will have little to worry about with these. while their absorbent capacity is pretty lacking compared to similarly priced adult diapers (along with the absorption speed, fluid retention performance, etc.) they are still likely to be head and shoulders above anything you currently use. the very tall and extremely good standing leak guards will be the biggest help here and you will likely not experience any leaks at all. (but that may or may not be your experience, just remember that. not all diapers perform the same on all people. getting a diaper that fits well and thus performs well is crucial and some brands just work better for some than others) I remember experiencing very little even compared to other diapers that performed much better in other ways, and I'm convinced its the staring leak guards.

    I say, enjoy them. and hopefully you do just that!

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    One more question. Are they really loud because I still live at home upstairs and sometimes get called to come downstairs unannounced, also the only thing that separates my brothers side and my side of the room is a blanket. Sorry for all the info.

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    If you wear underwear and pants over them, you could probably conceal the crinkling, although I'd be hella nervous if I was wearing them (or any diapers) just a few feet from my brother with only a blanket between us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante View Post
    One more question. Are they really loud because I still live at home upstairs and sometimes get called to come downstairs unannounced, also the only thing that separates my brothers side and my side of the room is a blanket. Sorry for all the info.
    In a word, yes. While some plastic diapers are rather quiet because they use a soft plastic, Abu cushies have both a 'stiffer' plastic as well as a very stiff plastic 'landing zone' for the tapes. These two things combined makes these particular diapers amongst the noisiest I've ever worn. Sorry if that's a bit of bad news, but you should probably do better research before buying :/ ABU diapers are designed to appeal to AB's above all and AB's generally love louder 'crinkly' diapers. Wearing them with tight fitting garments on top may help reduce noise, but I think it will still be quite audible, especially in a quiet house. They will get less noisy the longer you are wearing them though. The plastic gets a bit softer and after they've been wet a few times they will get much quiter.

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    Thats fine, thanks for all of the advice guys. I tried the depends and they were kinda of loud but I am not too worried my brother is never upstairs anymore and when he is he usually has his computer on playing some awful country music.

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